Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was busy! Between getting settled, not feeling great, and Jake working a bunch, things seemed a little crazy. The good crazy, though.

​Our sweet neighbors came over Friday morning and delivered freshly baked banana bread, hand drawn pictures, and some dandelions. It made my day!

I tackled our pantry on Friday and I think it came together pretty nicely! Our pantry is a whole room, so I tried to find a spot for everything. I love having all of our sports nutrition in a single cabinet like this.
I won’t bore you with all of the cabinets, but it sure felt good to get this room organized!
Lunch was leftover pizza. One of the only foods I don’t like – black olives. Yuck. I just can’t eat them. The texture doesn’t bother me, but I just don’t care for the taste. I will eat pretty much anything, but I can’t make myself choke down black olives.
Sometimes you need two beers and your husband has to hold your second one. HA! Friday night we met friends for a beer at Great Escape. A new beer had just come out, so I wanted to try it, but I also LOVE their stout, so I can’t ever NOT have that one. Solution – double up!
Jake, the brewer, was grilling burgers. They were amazing. I may or may not have had two…
Saturday morning started with some Trail Sisters fun. I’m still not running yet, but I walked while the girls ran. Then I came home to this deliciousness. I heated up some leftover carrots, too.
We rearranged a few things and got a little bar area set up.
We picked up some new rugs for our bathrooms, too! We got these at Menard’s and I love them.
For dinner Saturday, we grabbed Mexican at Cesar’s. They have the best sangria in the entire world.
I had two tacos and a pupusa. They were all amazing.
I also organized our cleaning closet. I’m glad I had all of these containers from when I was a classroom teacher. They have come in handy for organizing.
We also snagged a new TV and entertainment center. This entertainment center is not something either of us would’ve gone for before, but it caught our eye at the store and we thought it would look good in our living room. We ordered a couch and a chair, too, so once those come in, we will be almost finished!
My life. If it’s after 8PM, count me out.
Sisterly love. This lasted a solid 5 seconds.
Open faced egg sandwich for the win on Sunday morning. I woke up not feeling very good, so I went back to bed and slept a little longer. I’m hoping it’s just allergies and being worn out from moving. I started to feel better as the day went on, so fingers crossed I’m not getting sick. 
Rhea rolled in something nasty, so the girls got baths Sunday morning. 
Sunday afternoon, I went to a bridal shower for my friend, Katie. Kayla was there, too!
It’s the end of the semester, so I have about 200 items to grade today. HA! I also need to do a some meal planning and prep and get a workout in!

Someone asked me the other day how I’m feeling since my marathon. Things have been so crazy, I totally spaced on talking about it! I ran a marathon last Sunday in OKC. It was not a good race, but I finished. You can read about it HERE. We moved Monday and Tuesday, so I was pretty sore, but I think moving around so much helped my legs stay loose. I am taking two weeks off from running, but I am ready to start lifting, doing TRX, and riding my bike this week. I didn’t do anything at all last week, and while it was nice to have a break, I am itching to get back to it! I have a trail marathon in September, so I have got to get this ankle healed up and ready to go. I’m hoping more dedicated strength training will help my entire body. My right glute gave out in OKC, so I think strength training is a must. 

​Off to grade! 

Happy Monday, friends!

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