Early meal prep + recipes + hard stuff

Jake and I have been eating our dinners outside the last two nights. It’s been wonderful! I love our new yard. We finally have trees again! The trees at our old house all died or were destroyed in storms. I have missed having trees!
I hadn’t meal prepped over the weekend, so Monday morning, before Jake went to work, I cooked some veggies for the week. Frozen veggies on a tray with spices – EASY. 
Jake is having sandwiches for lunch this week.
Another open-faced egg sandwich for breakfast. Mmmm.
Our new rugs are Lu approved. I couldn’t find her…she was sleeping on a rug in the bathroom.
I had to run a few errands yesterday, so I grabbed lunch from Mama Jean’s on my way home. It was delicious.
I washed our comforter yesterday and found Lu passed out on our sheets. I love all of the natural light in our new house. I never turn lights on during the day.
I unpacked a few boxes of decorations and had a snack. I have almost all of our boxes unpacked. I haven’t tackled our office/workout room yet, but maybe I’ll get to that this week…MAYBE. 
Jake brought this bottle of wine home for me. It’s pretty yummy!
We had dinner on our side porch last night. It was so beautiful out!
We had burgers and my favorite brussels. I added a splash of coconut aminos to our burgers. Holy yum. It was incredible. Try it. 
My friend Hannah asked for my brussels recipe after I posted the above picture of our dinner. She made them last night and loved them – she said they’re like crack. HA! They are seriously my favorite. I could eat them every day!
One of our favorite pups, Boulder, is in kidney failure. We went over to love on him last night. He is seriously one of the best dogs. We will miss him, but know he will be excited to see Aspen again.

Squeeze your loved ones today!
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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