TMI – Dealing with stinky workout clothes & a GIVEAWAY!

Someone wrote in and asked about dealing with stinky workout gear. I LOVED this idea for a TMI post, aaaand I decided to do a giveaway with it since some of my favorite products save our gear from getting stinky.

There is nothing worse than washing a workout tank, slipping it on once it’s clean, and smelling worse than you did after your workout. Gross. Jake and I discovered Nikwax a few years ago and have been using it ever since. I still wash our regular clothes with laundry detergent, but any load of workout gear I do, I use Nikwax. I really think this product is a life safer and not only makes your gear smell fresh, but it protects it as well. Nikwax makes a bunch of different products, and their focus is on safe, clean, high-performing cleansers, conditioners, and waterproofing products, but since I’m doing a giveaway and a TMI post, I want to focus on the products I have used and love: BaseFresh, TX.Direct Wash-In, and BaseWash. (This is not an ad or sponsored, by the way. This is just a product I really believe in!)

BaseWash is hands-down my favorite product. This is what I use whenever I wash our workout gear. It doesn’t have a fragrancy-scent, but it’s very clean smelling. I love it. I just feel like my workout gear is legit clean when I use this. We switched to only using this and Jake hasn’t been throwing away stinky shirts that I couldn’t get the smell out of. I used to use a vinegar mixture to wash stinky stuff, but eventually, it just stopped working for us. Maybe we are extra stinky. I don’t know. But so far, BaseWash saves our workout clothes.
I don’t use BaseFresh as often as I probably should, but it’s a conditioner for your technical gear. I have it sitting out to remind myself to use it later, but this has the same scent as BaseWash. It’s not a fragrance, it’s just very clean smelling. BaseFresh also helps your gear dry faster when you’re wearing it, which is perfect in the hot summer months…or really any time…
I could not get a picture without glare on this package (the packages are super slick and shiny), but this stuff is amazing for waterproofing. The TX.Direct Wash-In adds water repellency to your clothing – if I ever wash rain coats, this is what I use! It’s not a cleanser, just a waterproofing agent. And it works. I washed one of my favorite running rain coats in it and I stay super dry. I think Jake used it on a tent? They also make a spray, so maybe he used that. But it worked, too!
Nikwax wasn’t something we had heard of before, so when a friend told us about it and we started using it, I was so thankful. Any time I find something that works, I love sharing it with you all. I wish I could send every single reader a sample. The last picture shows the three samples you get in this giveaway. You can read more about Nikwax HERE, HERE, and HERE.

To enter the giveaway, follow me, Nikwax, and Ames Adventure Outfitters, like the giveaway post on my Instagram page, and comment your favorite workout! That’s it! I’ll pick a winner Friday 3/10 at 8AM!

Keep sending in TMI topics! I love this weekly post. : ) 
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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