More house stuff + yummy food + good for my heart!

I am finally getting to do some things around our house other than unpack boxes. Luckily, most of the things from our old house fit into this house. Other than a few furniture pieces and a new TV, we haven’t needed to buy much. Our new couch, chair, and rug will be here tomorrow! I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Breakfast burritos. Mmmm. This one had spinach, mushrooms, turkey, two eggs, turmeric, black pepper, and garlic. Topped with Pepper Jack cheese and Sriracha.

Lu loves all of the windows in our house. She’s always in our guest room staring out like this.
I rode my new bike on Tuesday! Before Tuesday, I had only ridden this bike about a half mile. It felt good to get out and do some cardio. I won’t run until Saturday, so I’ve been trying to do other things to get my body moving. It made my heart happy to get outside and move a little. 
I did a 12 mile ride and loved it.
Smoothie for lunch.
I have a trail marathon in September and a 50k in November, so I started making a training plan. Alex is coming over next week so we can plan long runs and workouts together. She has a 25k and a 55k coming up!
This made me laugh way too hard!! I don’t think we have had any major fights about our new house yet, but we definitely don’t always agree. It’s all about picking what’s important to you and knowing what matters to your significant other. If I know Jake really likes/dislikes something, I try to be accommodating. If he dislikes something I really like, we talk about it and go from there. I usually win.
; ) Kidding! Kind of. 
Jake had a meeting Tuesday evening, so I chilled at home and had a leftover burger patty with veggies. I already want to make these patties again. They were so good.
Wednesday morning started with another breakfast burrito. We added sausage to these and they were incredible.
I am going to be serious about more diligent strength training, so I’m starting now. I did this workout yesterday and am SO sore. I did 4 rounds of everything, but the 15 reps went with the weight lifting exercises. The cardio move and the weight lifting move went together – I did 4 rounds of jumping Jacks and curls before moving on to the next two. 
Rhea wanted in on the fun.
I got the eat lunch with my Mom, sister, and niece. Look at Eleanor’s precious little boots. She’s so stylish.
I got the kid’s chicken tender plate. It was the perfect amount. I wish adult sizes were this size.
This area is messy, but I found some bins for this storage area in our laundry/mud room. I don’t think we want to fill each shelf, so we will see how this goes. I got them at Menard’s.
I need two more succulents for this. It’s in a corner of our kitchen and I love the pop of color it gives.
Most amazing dinner. Sweet potato topped with sautéed spinach, a chicken breast, Pepper Jack cheese, ranch, and BBQ sauce. YUM.
Jake thought you guys would want to see him eating his dinner.
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Today is my last class meeting with my practicum students. I am surprising them with donuts. This semester has flown by!
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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