A fun project + our bedroom + dinner date!

I headed to the Y yesterday morning for some time on the elliptical. I am excited to get back to running. I definitely needed the two weeks off – I was feeling burnt out – but I am ready to get back to it!
These burritos are amazing. Add turmeric and black pepper to your breakfast burrito. So. Good.
I have always wanted a full length mirror like this. Jake found one for me! He also found that chair. We might end up wrapping it in a leather, but I am so excited about this area outside of our living room.
I had my last class of the semester yesterday. It was a blast. We had donuts and just talked about their practicum experiences. It was fun having them compare the first day of being in a classroom with kiddos to their last. I really enjoyed teaching this class. (For new readers, I teach college courses in education/literacy). 

Then it was home and time for lunch! The last burger patty and some veggies.

Lu slept in her kennel most of the day. Maybe to escape Rhea, who was wild.
We just need to hang pictures, but our bedroom is finished! I have officially unpacked all boxes (of items that we are keeping/using). Such a good feeling! I love our room. This house has so much natural light. I never have our lights on.
I am co-hosting a baby shower next weekend for one of my besties, so I started on a little project yesterday. I’ll share the whole thing after the shower.
Still over here sharing kitchen chairs in the living room. HA!
I had to throw on a sweatshirt yesterday. A SWEATSHIRT. It’s chilly here right now and I don’t love it.
We had some friends over for dinner last night. The food was delicious. I keep joking that I married Jake for his grilling skills, but after last night, I don’t think it’s a joke anymore. He’s SO good on the grill.
Check out these bad boys. I didn’t used to like steak. I’m glad Jake and his family changed my mind! His Dad is also a master griller. 
Our friends, Katie and Layne, brought over salad, jalapeño poppers, and beans. Everything was SO good! They get married next month and we are already excited for their wedding!
Well, friends, last night was the last night of us using the dog bed as something to sit on – we get our couch today! I am so pumped. I can’t wait to share everything with you! I may or may not be staring out the front door as I type this….come on delivery guy! : )
And the blog winner is: 

​IRIS!! Contact me, Iris, to get your prize! <3 

Happy Friday, friends!

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