Weekend Wrap-up!

Friends, our living room is finished!! Well, minus curtains. I can’t wait to share everything with you! It sure is nice to have a couch again. The girls and I waited around Friday morning for the couch and chair to be delivered. I think Lu was bored. 
Last meal in a kitchen chair in the living room…
Everything was delivered about 10AM Friday! There were 10 boxes total. We ended up ordering our couch and chair from a company called Burrow. We got THIS couch and THIS chair. I found a coupon for 10% off – I think it was KFC. It took a big chunk off of our order! Here are all of the boxes in our laundry room. It became a maze for the girls…
I’m not totally sure how Lu got back there, but it was hilarious. See the video below. 

Okay, so I have zero patience and wanted to surprise Jake, so I unboxed everything and attempted to assemble the couch myself. Burrow says one person can put things together, but that it’s more enjoyable with two. Wellllll, I like to think I’m a fairly strong person, but there was NO way I was getting that couch put together. The assembly is simple and easy to do, but the latches on the bottom of the couch were SO strong. I couldn’t get them to close. I moved onto the chair to see if I could put it together. I was able to and I LOVE how it turned out. 
I made a smoothie to refuel and attempted the couch again…it had to be easier after finishing the chair, right? Wrong. So, I recruited some friends. My Mom, sister, niece, and Kayla all came over. Piper, my sister, and I were able to get just about everything put together on the couch. She is definitely stronger than me. Kayla helped us hold some things in place, so that helped a ton. When we got to what should’ve been the easiest part, putting on the legs, the holes didn’t match up! UGH. I was bummed. I knew Jake could drill out each one to match up since they were only off by a millimeter, but I wanted to have everything finished by the time he got home. I don’t trust myself with that kind of stuff, so, I gave up and waited in my new chair. 

Overall, the assembly is pretty great for Burrow. I was annoyed about the leg holes, but Jake fixed them no problem. So far, I am impressed and would definitely order from Burrow again. I’m putting a reminder in my phone to do a full review for you guys in 6 months. 

Chair relaxing. Let’s see if we can keep the girls off the new furniture…
Friday evening, we headed to Sunshine Bike Shop to celebrate the one year anniversary of the new owners. It was a blast and we repped our Sunshine truckers. 
Jake is on the Sunshine Bike Shop Race Team, so after we went to the happy hour at the shop, we went to a BBQ with all the guys and their families. It was SO fun and I loved getting to meet everyone. He rides with some pretty awesome guys (and their wives and kiddos are super sweet). We had chicken fajitas, so I made a massive thing of nachos with them. SO good. 
When we got home, Jake, my knight in shining armor, drilled the couch legs and helped me finish putting everything together! Here’s the couch. I love it. 
Saturday morning I met some Trail Sisters for a run. It rained most of last week, so it was too wet to hit up trails. It rained on us the whole time we ran, but it felt great to be back to running. This was my first run back post marathon and everything felt super good. 
We headed to B2 Cafe after our run for breakfast and coffee. 
I found a chapstick in my car and went to put it in my purse…when I opened my purse, 3 of the same chapsticks were in the pocket. Do I have a problem?
Jake and I ate a quick lunch, then got ready for a wedding we were going to later that evening. 
I love having this mirror! 
The venue of the wedding was beautiful – it was at Stockton Lake. 
Jake’s family went to the wedding, too, so we carpooled with them. The wedding was wonderful and we were honored to be part of it. 
Zio’s catered and everything was so tasty. They gave me SO much food. Jake had to finish mine, HA! I was stuffed. 
Jake and I shared these desserts and they were delicious. That cake ball was the best I’ve ever had. I could’ve eaten a hundred. 
Our rug was delivered Saturday evening, so Jake put it together when we got home from the wedding. We ordered a rug from Ruggable (THIS one). Well, Jake’s Momma got it for us as an anniversary gift. She’s so thoughtful. We LOVE it. I think it’s look perfect with our couch and chair. 
Here’s the whole living room! We also got a new Fiddle-leaf Fig tree. I’m obsessed. It’s on the left of the fireplace. 
We ran a bunch of errands Sunday morning, then came home and had breakfast. Burritos for the win. 
We had our families over for a Mother’s Day BBQ. Jake grilled and I was in charge of sides. 
We had sweet potatoes with paprika, brown sugar, cinnamon, and bacon. 
And beets with olive oil, balsamic, and Rosemary. I cooked all of these baking sheets together at 425 for about 35 minutes. That’s it! Super easy, but so good. 
The sweet potatoes and bacon turned out SO good. 
The napkins said, “She was nothing but a man-chasing booze hound. Why can’t you be more like her?” HA! I thought they were funny. 
Sure do love my Momma. 
Chels helped me in the kitchen SO much. Best SIL ever. 
Here’s the spread! Steaks, sweets, beets, salad, pasta salad, and rolls. Mmm. 
My high school cross country coach owns St. Michael’s, a wonderful restaurant downtown Springfield. His wife makes the BEST banana cakes – this is what we had in Colorado for our wedding! Chelsea picked one up for us for dessert. I was so happy. 
Rhea is spoiled. 
Happy Mother’s Day to all FOUR of my Moms. I feel very blessed to be able to have these women in my life. In this picture, Jake’s Momma is on the left, my birth mom, Dawn, is in the middle, and I’m holding my Mom’s hand. 
Jake’s stepmom, Cynthia, is next to Jake’s Mom in this picture. Our wedding was even more special because of our families. 
I love you, Mom. Thank you for being YOU. 
Happy Monday, friends! 

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