Dogs + food + grading!

Holy yum. This breakfast is good!! I used some of the leftover sweet potatoes and bacon from our Mother’s Day BBQ and made a hash-like dish. This has sweet potatoes, bacon, and egg in it. The sweet potatoes and bacon were cooked with ghee, cinnamon, brown sugar, and paprika, so they’re sweet and spicy. So delicious.
Lu is almost 6, so we had a vet appointment for her to get updated on shots. I took Rhea with us so we could weigh her to get more flea and tick prevention – Lu was glued to my side and Rhea was busy exploring.
Rhea was not happy when they took Lu out of the room and into the back. I got this look from her.
I watched my sweet niece for a few hours yesterday, so after the vet, I ate a quick lunch of spinach, chicken, and beets, then spent the afternoon with Eleanor and knocked out a bunch of grading. I had 30 finals to grade, so I got almost all of those finished. I can’t believe this semester is basically over!
Dinner was a bunch of leftovers thrown together. It ended up being super delicious. Spinach, baked beans, chicken, and a little bbq sauce.
It feels good to be back to running! I have missed our early morning runs. Alex and I ran this morning, and she loved our fiddle leaf fig, so we took our post-run picture in front of it. It was a beautiful morning for some hilly miles.
I was starving after my run, so I made breakfast and then Jake and I took the girls on a walk before he left for work.
I added sausage to this mixture this morning. I was in Heaven.
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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