Lifting + not feeling it + a discount code for you!

I meal prepped Jake’s lunches for the rest of the week Tuesday morning. I made wraps, but when I tired to fit them into containers, they were massive. Ha! I can’t help it. I always fill tortillas too full. Jake gives me a hard time when we have breakfast burritos because I like to use a fork to eat half of the stuff in the burrito off of the tortilla, then I’ll make a burrito with the rest. Is that weird? Probably. But I like it! Also, not sure if that makes sense…
My lunch on Tuesday was leftover steak and beets thrown on a bunch of spinach. So delicious. I’ve been using bbq sauce as dressing this week…that’s probably also weird, but it’s SO good. I need to pick up another bottle of the tangy bbq coconut aminos from Big Tree Farms. It’s amazing and would be so delicious on a salad.
Rhea is really working on building some muscle.
It’s all fun and games until your scratch the crap out of your Mom’s face. It’s hard to see in this picture, but she got me with her claws all across one side of my cheek. Ouch. And inside my nose. 
I forgave her. She’s getting SO big.
Tuesday evening, Jake and I went for a 10 mile bike ride. It was beautiful out.
Dinner was salmon, spaghetti squash, and okra. I had forgotten how much I liked okra. Yum. All I did was roast it in the oven with olive oil, salt, and pepper for 15 minutes at 425°. I then added a splash of coconut aminos and roasted another 10 minutes. That’s it! It was delicious.
Lu sure loves her Dad.
Man, no two days of running are the same. I headed out on Wednesday for 8 miles and could barely make it 2, and my run Tuesday felt SO good! I woke up Wednesday feeling super light-headed and dizzy. I had to steady myself for a few minutes before I could get out of bed. It was the strangest thing. I ate something, which helped a little, then headed out for a run. Every step felt hard! I decided to call it a day after 2 miles. I’m not sure what my deal was, but I didn’t like it!
Sweet potato and egg bowl for breakfast.
I can’t stop with this lunch. It’s just so good. I met my friend, Cassie, for coffee Wednesday afternoon, then cleaned our house. We have all wood floors now, so I vacuum all the time…I want to get a robot vacuum, but we can’t decide if it will work in our house. We have a broken up floor plan, so I didn’t know if it would work. Anyone know??
I did some abs and got some Rhea cuddles.
Stickjng with my goal to strength train three times a week! I am sore…
We got a shower curtain for our guest bathroom. I love it, but I think we will cut the tassels off the bottom. We didn’t like how high it had to hang to keep those off the ground. Other than that, I really like it! I got it HERE.
Sometimes ya gotta steal your hubby’s shirt and sit in your backyard for awhile. Lu and I played frisbee for a little bit, too.
We had dinner outside last night. Leftover spaghetti squash, tilapia, and broccoli.
Here’s a discount code for Nuun! They have a few new items, so definitely give them a glance. I love their electrolyte tablets. I add them to my water all the time.
Happy Friday Eve, friends! 

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