Running friends + puppy dates + planning!

Thursday morning started with some easy miles with these girls. The run felt way better than mine on Wednesday did, but each mile felt really long. I think I told the girls on multiple occasions how thankful I was for them. I needed the motivation to keep going.
We started talking after I took our picture, but I forgot about my camera. I got some funny pictures.
I came home and made an egg and veggie scramble. Mmm.
I spent some time on the computer, then took a snack break. Rhea and Lu both LOVE bananas. If Lu hears me peel a banana, she freaks out. It’s adorable. Also, I like my bananas with a little green still on them. This one was hard for me to eat…
Lunch was a massive salad of spinach, chicken, onion, and a little feta, plus some crackers on the side.
I think it’s safe to say that Rhea approves of our rug. It’s Ruggable and we got THIS one.
I normally wear these slides to and from races, but I’ve been wearing them around the house lately. They’re just super comfy! I also have no clue when I got these hot pink shorts, but I found them in with all my other shorts yesterday. Anyone else ever have that happen? Moving helped me find things I had forgotten about.
I feel like I’m always being watched…
I love the trees in our yard. They’re beautiful.
Alex came over after work last night to plan out some of our long runs. I have a trail marathon and 50k coming up, and she has a 55k. Our 50k/55k are a month apart, so we want to do a lot of our long runs on trail together. She brought her pups over and Lu loved it. Rhea was a little wild, so she spent some time calming down in the backyard. We took the dogs on a walk for them to meet each other the first time.
I cooked us dinner and Alex brought over some different ciders to try. The ciders were both amazing. Jake even liked them and he isn’t usually a cider guy! Also, anything with pineapple and I’m in.

For dinner, we had burgers, my favorite brussels, and sweet potato fries.

Alex also brought over Pineapple Whip, my favorite summer treat! I was stoked. This cider was blueberry and was super delicious.
She picked up this growler at Black Apple Crossing in Springdale, AR. I think the dessert and cider helped us make amazing training plans. ; )
In honor of graduation weekend, here’s a throwback to me and my Momma before my masters graduation. Back when I had blonde hair! Haha! Now I want a mimosa…
Loved graduating with this sweet friend, who I get to throw a baby shower for this weekend!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! It’s supposed to be beautiful here, so I’m excited about that. Between graduations, baby showers, and normal life, this weekend is pretty packed.
Happy Friday, friends!

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