Neighborhood watch + funny throwbacks + a drink for you to try!

Our neighborhood doesn’t ever have to worry about any sketchy behavior – Lu and Rhea have the neighborhood watch under control. They take it very seriously. Well, Lu does. Rhea is confused.
The recipe for muffins I shared yesterday is super yummy – especially if heated up, then slathered with butter and honey.
This throwback made me smile. The first thing I noticed in this picture was our Aspey girl. I sure miss her. I think she would love our new house. The second thing I noticed was the awful rat’s nest I had to brush out after 15 miles in the rain. That was awful.

I know this is going to sound silly, but humor me. Isn’t is so weird when you move and the house that was your home for so long becomes someone else’s? The house in this picture is no longer ours, but when I see pictures, I still think of it as ours. Does that make sense? I love our new home, but I will never forget the first house we lived in together. It’s just weird to think that someone else lives here now.

Here’s another fun throwback. This was our sisters’ high school graduation – our sisters were also in the same grade. My hair used to be so blonde…it’s definitely easier now that it’s my natural color!
I saw this plant at a store yesterday and was so tempted to get it…I love anything with a pineapple on it.
I also wanted to get this for Jake. Ha!
Lunch yesterday was a chicken burrito bowl and tortilla chips.
I had the worst cramps all day yesterday. I spent most of the day on the couch with my heating pad feeling sorry for myself.
Dinner was ginger lime salmon with okra and garlic bread.
This mixture is delicious. Equal parts Deep Eddy’s Grapefruit vodka, Coconut La Croix, and water. YUM. It’s super refreshing.
We had storms all night last night. Poor Jake got called out to work about 7PM and is still out working (it’s 8AM now).
Alex and I ran together this morning after all the storms. Look at this massive tree that went down.
We had a great run…and then were locked out of my house for over an hour. Defjnitely an interesting start to our day…
Locksmith to the rescue…my stupid garage code wasn’t working. I have clue what’s wrong with it.
The morning…woof. The locksmith couldn’t get our doors open – he said that was a good thing, security-wise, haha! I suggested we get into my car to get the garage door remote. In doing so, we set off the car alarm, which I’m sure my neighbors loved at 7AM. Turns out, the remote wasn’t working either. Soooo, my alarm went off for a couple of minutes. That was cool. The locksmith finally decided to open the garage door itself. That worked! Getting into the house was definitely an ordeal. I was so cold after my run that I couldn’t stop shaking. I couldn’t wait to get into some warm, dry clothes.
Alex had to get to work before the locksmith got to my house, so someone from her office picked her up and took her. I felt SO bad. She had left all of her stuff inside my house before our run. Once I was finally inside, I put on dry, warm clothes, grabbed her stuff, packed some snacks to take her, and hopped in her truck to take it to her. This is the Mondayest Tuesday ever! Everything worked out, though, and she made it to work on time and now everything is back to normal. I still feel terrible, though. Now it’s time to be productive! 
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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