Weekend Wrap-up: Our Anniversary!

We had the best weekend together celebrating our one year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been a year, but at the same time, our wedding feels like it was forever ago. A year ago last Friday, we got married at the court house here in town, then headed to Colorado with our families for our wedding celebration. It was such a fun weekend. I loved reliving those memories over the weekend. Here’s a throwback to a year ago!
Jake worked on Friday like normal – he had been working crazy hours all week due to storms we had been having. He was VERY ready for the weekend. I had breakfast Friday morning and then got started on some computer work.
I tutored a little girl Friday afternoon, but had a snack of carrots and peanut butter before I met her. I think this is my favorite snack right now. 
I tutored for an hour and we had a blast! Then it was back home and time for lunch. It was hot outside, so a smoothie sounded delicious.
After lunch, I knocked out a little TRX workout.
Jake came home and we met our friends, Dan and McCall, for dinner. It was McCall’s birthday, so we loved getting to celebrate with her!
I had a catfish filet and it was delicious. Dan and McCall just bought and moved into a new house, so we headed there after dinner to check out their new place and hang out.
Saturday morning, I had a Trail Sisters meet-up. Before we ran, I did the Wahoo Running band work to activate my glutes. I swear this helps me stay injury-free!
Alex and I wanted to get 8 miles for the day, so we ran 2 miles before we met up with the other girls. We also realized we were matching. Does this mean we spend too much time together?
We loved getting to spend the morning running some miles together!
We headed to Springtown Coffee after our run to hang out and enjoy some coffee.
After our run and coffee, I picked up groceries, then headed home to make breakfast for myself and Jake.
We spent the rest of the morning in our backyard, playing frisbee, swinging on the rope swing, and chatting with our awesome neighbors.
Saturday night, we headed out for dinner at Metropolitan Grill to celebrate our anniversary.
We attempted to get a family photo…Rhea licked Jake right before I snapped this. Hahaha! Look at his face. So funny.
We shared three appetizers at Metro. All of them were amazing. We had calamari, beef tips and bread, and risotto with jicama fries. I LOVE jicama, so I’m definitely going to try to make some fries this week for us at home.
My parents were at a reunion with all my Dad’s high school buddies. My Mom sent us this picture of herself. I loved it!
On Sunday morning, which was our actual anniversary, we rode bikes to a breakfast place that ended up not being open, so we were about to ride to another place when we checked the weather. It was about to storm again, so we quickly rode home and grabbed a car. We were glad that we did because it poured rain like crazy. We had breakfast at Farmer’s Gastropub. It was amazing. They have really good mimosas, too. Mmm. 
We ran a few errands after brunch, then I got super tired, so I took a little nap. After I napped, we walked through some open houses, which is one of our favorite things to do, then we took the girls on a walk around our neighborhood. They got to play in the water from all the rain. Lu loved it. It was Rhea’s first time in water…she wasn’t too sure about it.
After our walk, we headed downtown and grabbed dinner at Ebbett’s. We sat outside and enjoyed the live music there while we ate. Our friend, Cassie, joined us, which was a blast. I failed to take any pictures at dinner – we were having too much fun, but after dinner, Jake and I came home and enjoyed our one year old wedding cake. It was just as amazing as it was on our wedding day. This is banana cake from St. Michael’s here in town. So. Incredible. We didn’t eat half of it, thought we could have. We only had this much left f
rom our wedding weekend. 
We had the best weekend celebrating our marriage together. Thank you for all of your kind words – we feel very blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives!
Things were so busy this weekend, we didn’t get our questionnaire finished, but we will get to it today!
Happy Monday, friends!

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