Meal prep + a fun questionnaire!

Memorial Day is always special. Thank you to everyone who served, currently serves, and/or has family members in the service. Thank YOU for our freedoms!

Jake and I spent Monday working around the house – I tutored for two hours, then spent the day meal prepping while Jake worked on organizing our garage.

I am focusing on not eating processed foods, so I switched out my regular toast for sweet potato toast. It is delicious! All you do is slice a sweet in thirds or fourths – just depends how thick it is – and cook it in your toaster for 5ish minutes. I did two cycles on the highest setting and it was perfect. I topped ours with almond butter, flax seed, chia seeds, and honey.

After breakfast, I started on laundry, met the little girl that I’m tutoring, then came home and had lunch.
Jake spent the entire day in our garage. It’s the only area we really have left to organize since our move. We are having a garage sale in June, so there’s a lot of sale stuff in there. He organized and made everything look so much better! While he did that, I worked on a massive meal prep. All of this took me about 3 hours, which is a little more than I normally spend on prepping, but it sure felt good to get all of this cooked. We are having egg muffins with broccoli, sundried tomatoes, turkey sausage (my one really processed food), beef and butternut squash meatballs, tilapia, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and zucchini.

I am painting schools Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, so I’ll have to take my lunches with me rather than eat at home. I signed up to paint the inside of schools over the summer while I’m not teaching.

This sweet girl is never far from a bone or toy.
Jake is on call this week. About the time he finished up in the garage for the day, he got called into work. Thankfully, he wasn’t gone very long! He came home and we had dinner, then relaxed on the couch.
Dinner was tilapia, mashed cauliflower, and okra. Jake had tilapia tacos. Yum.
After dinner, we sat down and filled out this fun survey I found online. Here are some of our answers!
Why were you first interested in me?
J: You were fun to spend time with & I always laughed and had a good time around you.
C: You didn’t stop asking me out. ; ) I loved spending time with you and realized you were very quickly becoming one of my good friends. Plus, you’re pretty easy on the eyes.

When did you start falling in love with me?
J: Not long after we started dating.
C: Pretty soon after we started dating!

When did you know I was the one you wanted to marry?
J: When I started training for Leadman.
C: I honestly don’t know. Pretty early on! I always felt super comfortable with you.

If you could re-live one day from when we were dating, what would it be?
J: JJ Grey and Mofro concert!
C: I don’t think I can pick just one – any of our lake adventures, motorcycle rides, or our Colorado trip for Leadman.

What is one of your favorite memories from our wedding day?
J: Having all of our family together.
C: Oh my gosh. When Jake tried tried tell our waitress that his food fantastic and magnificent at the same time and it came out faaaagtastic. Not trying to offend anyone! It was just hilarious watching our waitress react. She laughed. A lot. Jake had had a lot of whiskey.

What’s one thing you look forward to doing or going through together?
J: Kids, family functions, trips, traveling, everything.
C: Having and raising babies together. Jake is going to be the best Dad.

What is your idea of a perfect date?
J: Anything where we laugh and have fun together. Something simple.
C: Dinner and drinks, followed by live music.

Name one thing that I don’t know about you.
Neither of us could answer this one! HA!

What would you do with a million dollars?
J: Travel the world and pay off debt.
C: Pay off our house and go on a trip!

If you had $100 to spend only on yourself, what would you buy?
J: Beer so I could share with my friends. (He can’t do something just for himself. Always wants to share.)
C: Workout clothes or I would splurge and get my hair done!

If you could have three wishes for our future, what would they be?
J: Happiness, adventure, and build an inseparable family.
C: Happiness, healthy, and family.

What was your favorite date that we went on together this last year?
J: Camping trip to Buffalo River with Aspey and Lulu OR our Bentonville trip to see Dave Matthews.
C: Our one year anniversary weekend! It was fun just to keep things low key and do some of the things we love together.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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