Back home + our adventure van + an overnight oats recipe for you!

We are back to normal posts! I’ll start up with TMI with Chelsea again next Wednesday. For anyone just tuning in, I spent the weekend in Colorado at a Trail Sisters running retreat. It was incredible. You can read all about the weekend HERE and HERE!

Piper, my sister, sent me this picture of my precious niece wearing a onesie I got for her. Eleanor looks adorable in anything! <3

My Mom gave me this book a few weeks ago. I finally started it on my plane ride to Colorado. It’s SO good. I’m almost finished with it. I highly recommend this to anyone. It touched on a lot of Chinese history – footbinding, the filial system, etc. Suuuuper interesting.
I was so worn out on Monday. I think I slept in until almost 8:30. We didn’t get home from the airport until about midnight Sunday night, so that added to being worn out from the weekend. I tutored Monday morning, so after I got up, I went to print some work off. Our dang Internet was down! Ugh. I spent an hour on the phone trying to get it rebooted. Nothing would work, so they were going to send a technician out the next day. While I was working with them on the Internet stuff, I made a quick breakfast – egg and veggie tacos. (Side note: I woke up Tuesday to our Internet working as usual – the technician hadn’t even come out yet. No clue what happened, but I was thankful it fixed itself.)
I tutored, ran some errands, then came home and had lunch.
After lunch, I started on some meal prep. For breakfast, we are having Mocha Java Overnight Oats. They’re amazing.
Here’s the recipe for one serving. I made 8 servings.
Rhea gets so hot from all of her fur. She just prefers to sleep on the floor because it’s cooler.
So, we did a thing Monday night. Jake has been wanting an Astro van for a long time. He wants to have something we can take to races and sleep in. He found one on Sunday and we went to look at it Monday.
We are the proud new owners of a van! It’s pretty dang comfortable. Jake has big plans for it, so stay tuned.
I didn’t feel like cooking Monday (that never happens), so we met my parents for dinner at Cesar’s. I had the fish tacos and they were amazing.
After dinner, we drove my parents and the girls around our neighborhood. I think Rhea approves of the new van. She laid like this for a long time.
Tuesday morning was my first run back since Colorado. It felt pretty good! Alex came over to run with me and Jake met his Dad and another friend. We all finished up about the same time. About 5 minutes after we all finished running, it started pouring. We were glad we had finished before that started.
I added a tablespoon of almond butter to my oats. They’re SO delicious.
These two keep our neighborhood safe.
I met this beautiful bride-to-be for lunch. She gets married in 10 days!! We are already so excited for her wedding.
I had a salad and fries. Balance. ; )
I finished up a little meal prep after lunch and took care of some computer work. This dish was super easy to make and Jake said it’s delicious. I browned a pound of ground beef, chopped up half a bunch of asparagus, an onion, and one yellow squash, mixed all of that together, added a cup of mushrooms, topped with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, then cooked at 350 for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, I stirred everything, topped it with cheese, and cooked another 20. That’s it!
Our friends, Scottie and Brandi, came over for dinner last night. I made a massive baking sheet of plantain nachos for us and they brought a delicious salad. Here are the nachos! I made an avocado sauce for the top, too. For the nachos, just layer plantains with whatever you want – I did cheese, ground beef, black beans, garbanzo beans, diced tomatoes, jalapeño, and onion. I cooked this at 400 for 30 minutes. After the 30, I added the avocado sauce and cooked another 5 minutes. Yum!
Everything was delicious.
I want to get a workout in at some point today and I tutor later. I have a ton of work I need to do on my computer, so I’m going to try and knock that out this morning! 
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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