Guest Post – Changing Your Diet, Changing Your Health: Budget-Friendly Ways to Feel Better

Hi, friends! Today I have a guest post for you from Sheila at Fit Sheila. Sheila shares all kinds of great information regarding healthy lifestyle changes, budgeting, and healthy eating. Remember, I share recipes under the Eats tab – I will be updating it next week! Happy reading!
Changing your diet can have massive benefits for your overall health, but many people aren’t sure where to begin. It’s not always easy to make big changes to your lifestyle, even when they are in your best interest, and sometimes it’s very difficult to maintain. Therefore, the key is to start slowly and to keep your expectations grounded and realistic. It may not be easy to throw out everything in the pantry and start over from scratch, but adding a few different options to your meal plans every day is much more achievable. Rather than drinking soda, for example, try unsweetened iced tea; rather than skipping breakfast because you’re in a rush, grab a granola bar or make yourself a breakfast sandwich and eat as you go.

It’s also important to become a label reader. Knowing exactly what goes into your food is essential, especially if you’re trying to cut back on things like sugar or sodium. Do some research on how to read the labels on the foods you eat most; you may be surprised at what they contain. Spaghetti sauce, for instance, is often high in sugars, but there are a few brands that take special pains to leave the sugar out or keep it to a minimum.
Changing your diet can go a long way towards helping you feel better. Here’s how to get started.

​Make Shopping Easier

Shopping for healthy food can be stressful and expensive; sometimes, it seems that the best option for a tight budget is fast food or frozen options rather than fresh veggies and fruit. These days, however, there are many ways to shop for groceries that don’t even have to involve the grocery store. The internet is perfect for busy families on a budget; you can look for an Amazon Prime promo code that will save you money on everything from protein powder to make the most of your workouts to the foods that make up your meal plan for the week.

​Make Small Changes

You don’t have to overhaul your entire way of life in order to benefit from healthy eating. Start small; bring your lunch to work instead of eating out, or start prepping meals for dinner at the beginning of the week so you won’t be tempted to order a pizza after a long day. Not only will this help you eat a more well-balanced diet, but it will also save you money at the same time. You can also think about how to include fresh foods in your diet every day; cutting up several different types of fruit and keeping it in resealable plastic containers is an easy way to do that.

​Look for Mental Health Boosters

While there’s no magical food that will erase depression or anxiety, there are some foods that provide essential nutrients that will help you cope more easily with those feelings. Eggs, yogurt, chia seeds, salmon, and spinach are just a few of the best foods you can eat for your physical and mental health, and they’re often budget-friendly. The vitamins they provide can be found in supplements, but many doctors agree that it’s best to get the nutrients from your sustenance. By adding these foods to your daily routine, you can help boost your mental health and keep your body feeling and looking great.

​Know What to Avoid
Just as there are foods that will help you feel better, there are foods and drinks that can be detrimental to your physical and mental health as well. Caffeine, sugar, and salt can lead to issues like elevated blood sugar, high blood pressure, and everything from insomnia to migraines. If you rely on those cups of coffee in the morning to feel alive, cut back a bit by incorporating decaffeinated tea or water into your routine. Little by little, you’ll eventually be able to get rid of caffeine altogether, and this is another way you can save money, especially if you’ve made coffee shop stops a part of your regular schedule.

Changing your diet in order to get healthier can be difficult, to say the least, but it’s an important part of getting your mind and body into shape. Talk to your family about how everyone can stay on track, and remember that huge changes can be harder to maintain than smaller ones.
Happy Friday Eve, friends! 

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