Europe + girl power + weekend family fun!

This throwback made me smile. My Dad lived in London for awhile when he was younger – he went to high school over there! For my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, we went to England for two weeks. I can’t believe this trip was 11 years ago! My parents saved up all their points from flying so that the four of us could fly first class. It was incredible. Such an amazing trip!
Guys, I almost chopped my finger off. I was mowing on Wednesday and the wheel fell off the mower. I put it back on and started mowing again. It fell off again…I called Jake to find out where some tools were and I fixed it! Before he had gotten back to me about the tools, I attempted to tighten the bolt with some pliers I found. I don’t recommend doing that…the pliers slipped and caught my finger. It doesn’t look all that bad in this picture, but man, it hurt!
But I got it all fixed and was able to finish mowing!
I was very proud of myself.
Lunch was leftover plantain nachos and salmon. The leftover nachos were even incredible. Definitely a new favorite meal! Recipe HERE.
I attempted some abs and strength training. Rhea helped.
This is still one of my favorite meals. A sweet potato topped with spinach, chicken, onion, and bbq sauce. So amazing. I seasoned the chicken with turmeric, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and coconut aminos. It was so delicious.
Hahahaha. This is Jake.

These two sure do love their Dad.
Friends make 4AM wake-up calls way easier! I ran 6 hilly miles with these two, then finished up 4 more on my own.
10 miles to start my Thursday! I was worn out the rest of the day. And starving. I could not eat enough food yesterday.
Mocha Java Overnight Oats topped with peanut butter, honey, and chia seeds. I inhaled all of this and was still starving. Running makes me so hungry!
I tutored yesterday morning. We ended our session doing a little reading together. This kiddo is going into 7th grade and he loves graphic novels.
I ate Jake’s leftovers for lunch. Beef, asparagus, yellow squash, onion, and mushroom. Yum.
I was craving cheese like crazy yesterday. Anyone else ever melt cheese and eat it plain? I used to do this all the time when I was younger…I’ve also been adding seasoning to my hummus. It makes it so much better.
These two love to play tag. All. Dang. Day. This is what they do any time they’re outside. They love to run in and out of the bushes in the corner of our yard, too. 

Another day, another sweet potato bowl. My favorite quick dinner.
I was chewing on ice and Rhea wanted a piece. She loves ice. The second we get ice from our fridge and she hears the noise, she sprints into the kitchen to get her own piece.
Polished this bad boy off last night. People always give us chocolate to share…I think they should know that Jake usually gets one piece. I eat all of it.
We are headed to Vegas with Jake’s family to celebrate his little sister’s 21st birthday – wish us luck! Follow along on Instagram to see all the shenanigans. Also, if there’s anything we HAVE to do or see, let me know!
Happy Friday, friends!

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