Weekend Wrap-up: Vegas Style!

We had a wonderful weekend in Vegas with Jake’s family (and some close friends)! Here’s a picture of our group on our first full day there. We spent the day at the pool and it was wonderful!

PS – I can’t make pictures smaller from my phone, so if you’re reading this from a computer, I apologize about the massive photos. I’ll edit them once I’m home!

We didn’t fly out until Friday evening, so Friday day was spent getting ready to head out. I got this text from my friend, Alex. Haha!
I know I’ve shared this before, but every time it pops up in my memories, I can’t believe how big this was. I got this spider bite in an apartment I lived in and it got huge really quickly. It went away on its own, but it was crazy for about a week.
I made a quick salad for lunch on Friday.
My parents watched our girls for us over the weekend. It was our first time away from Rhea. We were sad to leave her and Lu, but they were excited for some time with my parents. Rhea wanted to sit in the driver’s seat with me.
We were in Vegas to celebrate my sister-in-love’s 21st birthday. I got some goodies for her.
So excited to get to Vegas! We were ready for some pool time.
We all had drinks at the airport before we boarded our flight.
Our first flight together!
Snacks, a drink, and a good book – flight essentials.
We got to Vegas a little after 8PM. Jake was pumped.
We dropped things off in our rooms and headed out for dinner. I had a Matcha Mule, which is a Moscow Mule with matcha green tea instead of ginger beer. It was delicious.
Jake had these tacos. They were different, but tasty!
I had a sushi roll and Gyoza. They were both incredible.
I went to bed pretty early Friday night. I just can’t stay up very late! But, we were up and ready for the pool Saturday morning.
We grabbed a quick breakfast before staking out a spot at the pool. Jake and I shared avocado toast and a breakfast burrito.
It was super hot, but the pool was so refreshing.
We had a lot of these drinks…
We didn’t want Jake to sit with us.
We gave in.
Jake loves PBR. He made friends with a guy at the pool who was sipping on one. The guy gave Jake one of his beers. I think they’re best friends now.
After being at the pool all day and having quite a few drinks, I took a nap and decided to just order room service and relax.
Everyone else went out to dinner. I got this text from Jake and his Dad. Haha!
Sunday was our last full day in Vegas. We got up early and grabbed breakfast. I had the chicken and waffles. It was delicious.
I had a Miami Vice at the pool. It was good, but a little too sweet for me.
After our time at the pool, we walked the strip and checked out different casinos. There was a restaurant called Chandelier and I loved the decor. It was so cool!
I can’t remember all the details about this fountain, and it’s hard to see in this picture, but this is the largest chocolate fountain in the world. It was dark, milk, and white chocolate. It was awesome.
Jake and I shared these ahi tuna poke nachos as a snack. They were incredible.
Picture of a picture at Margaritaville.
We were getting sleepy, so we decided tequila shots were needed.
Free birthday shots for the birthday girl!
Our girls are living their best lives with my parents. I can’t wait to get home to see them! (The dog outside is my sister’s dog, Ralph.)
We are at the airport now, waiting to fly home. We had such a wonderful trip! Our flight is delayed, so I had time to get this posted. I am ready for a nap and to cuddle our babies!
Happy Monday, friends!

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