Pups + so sleepy + a fun night!

I think Lu likes rugs as much as I do. If she’s napping, it’s on one of our rugs.
When you can’t get on the furniture, but you HAVE to see outside…squeeze between whatever you need to.
Breakfast on Tuesday was over easy eggs, spinach, and oats. Mmm. I season my eggs with turmeric, salt, black pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder. Then top everything with Sriracha. (Or Cholula, which has been my obsession lately).
One year ago, we had our wedding reception. It was such a fun night with all of our family and friends. Of course, we had to have an Old Fashioned before we went to the party. Reception post HERE
All they do is wrestle…Lu gets tired before Rhea does, but I feel like Lu is WAY more vicious. 

I told you I was going to have to have this! (HERE). Cottage cheese, topped with sweet and spicy tuna, avocado, Cholula, and black pepper. I had some bbq quinoa chips, too.
Lu hides in our pantry when Rhea has bugged her too much. I don’t blame her.
Tuesday evening was extra special. As many of you know, I am adopted. I met my birth mom, Dawn, a little over 5 years ago. (Dawn was also adopted, but I hadn’t met her family yet.) Also, something super cool, I have a full-blooded biological brother. This is very rare for adopted kids, so I feel pretty blessed. I got to meet my brother and his family, along with some of Dawn’s family on Tuesday evening. We headed to a bbq with Dawn, her Mom, one of her siblings and his family, and my brother and his family. I made a salad to take with us.
Here is my brother, Dawn, her Mom, and me. Dawn, my brother, and I all have very similar facial features. It’s crazy how much we all look alike. I loved getting to meet everyone and I hope one day my parents are able to meet them, too.
It was a very special evening and one I will always remember! I still want to do a big post all about adoption and my experience, but I haven’t found the time to write it yet. I will! I promise.
Rhea girl was happy to get some cuddles when we got home.
This is what Lu does when she’s ready for breakfast…I slept in until 6:30 yesterday, so she was very ready for some food when I finally woke up.
It’s still so weird to think that I am finished with school. This post was made during my master’s program…I always took so many summer course because I was teaching during the year full-time and tried to knock out a lot of my course work during the summer months. I can’t believe after 11 years, I am totally finished.
Breakfast this week is open-faced English muffins, topped with eggs, spinach, and Cholula.
I had a headache/mini migraine all day yesterday. I couldn’t get it to go away. It was so annoying. I didn’t get a workout in, either, which made me kind of cranky. These two tried to cheer me up. It worked!
Still loving this lunch – cottage cheese, tuna, avocado, and hot sauce.
Some of our landscaping flowered! I love it.
Jake brought some smoked meat home from work, which was awesome since I didn’t feel like cooking. I had some chicken and pork, and threw some broccoli in the oven. It was delicious.
I went to bed at 7:30 last night. It was still light out, ha! I was just worn out and my head never felt better. I fell asleep right away, which never happens, and didn’t move until my alarm went off at 4! I
woke up with no headache. Thank goodness!
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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