The best compliment + the mansion run + so excited for Saturday!

Alex and I are still running together at 5AM, but it’s sure nice to finish with the sun up! I remember our winter runs when we would be in the dark the entire time. We knocked out 6 miles Thursday morning.
Have I mentioned before that breakfast is my favorite? Because it is. We used to do smoothies for breakfast for a really long time. I loved the convenience of them, but I’m just a food lover – I like the actual act of eating. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy smoothies, but I think I prefer real food.
Eleanor, my sweet angel niece, is getting so big! She’s finally fitting in some of the onesies I got her.
After my run and breakfast, I headed to meet one of the kiddos I’m tutoring. Anyone else love drinking coffee out of their mug while driving?
I got my evaluations back from one of the courses I taught last semester. This one made me laugh! GOAT is an acronym for Greatest Of All Time. I’ll take it!
And so the shedding begins. I always said I’d never own a dog that sheds. Good thing she’s cute! ; ) I’m trying to do a better job of brushing her regularly.
She thinks everything is a treat…
Lunch yesterday was a burger on a Hawaiian bun. I don’t think there’s much better than a good burger!
Rhea eats the dirt in my plants. It drives me nuts.
I spent the day organizing our office. I gave the girls bones because they were being crazy. They stayed entertained for hours! I got new chickpea bones from Fetch Pet Supplies here in town. The girls loved them!
Sriracha on any chips or crackers is delicious.
Our new yard is quite a big bigger than our old yard. We have a push mower, which works great, but it definitely takes awhile to mow. I think it takes me about an hour and half to an hour and 45. Luckily, I enjoy mowing. Look at those pretty lines!
Still one of my all-time favorite meals – Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken. YUM. Wrap chicken breasts in bacon, dip in mixture of brown sugar and chili powder (I did 1T brown sugar for each chicken breast and then probably 1/2T of chili powder total), bake at 400 for 25/30 minutes. Chow down.
Alex wanted to knock out her long run today, so Cassie and I joined her. I had half a bagel with butter and honey before I met them.
Cassie and I introduced Alex to one of our favorite runs from our high school days. It’s called the Mansion Run and it has some serious hills. The route goes by a farm that has Clydesdales. Getting to see them and pet them is definitely a highlight of the run!
Every day is a good day for a horse selfie.
Post 10 hilly miles! All finished before 7:30 AM!
I saw this at Walmart, of course I had to get it. Do you guys think it will be any good? I’ll let you know.
One of my besties is getting married tomorrow – I cannot wait to celebrate her special day!! 
Happy Friday, friends! 


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  1. Alisa Shebiel

    Mike eats the sweer&spicy tuna creations all the time he buys them by the box lol. He seems to love them. He said he’s going to have to try the ones with siriacha.

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