Weekend Wrap-up!

Friday was such a productive day. I love days like that. It started with a long run and then some Rhea cuddles. She likes to be touching us at all times, so when we invite her onto the bed, she’s pretty stoked. Aaaand she will plop down right on top of one of us. I ran 10 with Cassie and Alex Friday morning, then came home to shower and love on the girls, then organized and organized and organized. 
Another open faced egg and veggie sandwich with bacon. Mmmm.
I worked all day in our office/workout room, then took a break for lunch.
I still have blasters and scratches from Vegas, haha! I scratched my foot on the bottom of the pool and then didn’t have great walking shoes and rubbed a blister. Jake said we walked close to 9 miles, so without great shoes, that’s a recipe for blisters. I haven’t felt them at all during my runs, so that’s good. I hate popping blisters…I try not to.
Sleepy girls.
Friday night we had a double date for sushi with our friends Kallie and Coty. Jake wore a pineapple shirt and it made me so happy.
Happy hour at Haruno is amazing. I got all of this for $10. Yes, please.
After dinner, we went to Galloway to sit on their patio and have a drink. It was beautiful out.
Our Trail Sister’s run was canceled Saturday due to thunder storms, so I slept in a little and had oatmeal when I got up. I am missing trail runs SO badly. It’s been so wet here. I’m ready for it to dry out a little.
I cleaned bathrooms and did 6 loads of laundry on Saturday, so nothing too crazy. It was actually pretty relaxing. I love doing laundry. Anyone else? I had lunch somewhere in there, too.
I ran to the store to get some last minute stuff. We went to a wedding Saturday and hosted Father’s Day on Sunday – necessities. ; )
I thought this dress had pockets. I was bummed when I realized it didn’t. Ladies, don’t pockets make all the difference?!
My friend, Sam and her hubby, are about to have a little girl. We cannot wait to meet her!!

One of my besties got married on Saturday. Katie, you looked GORGEOUS! The wedding was perfect and the entire evening was a blast.
The food was incredible, too.
So beautiful! We are so happy for you two. Katie is the reason I finally said yes to a date with Jake. She told me that I liked him and was being weird for not agreeing to go on a date (both true). I had loved being his friend, so I didn’t want to ruin our friendship by dating. I’m so glad she talked some sense into me!
Our matchmaker.
Sunday morning was spent running some errands. Lu and Rhea got to tag along. Rhea loves our new van. She likes to sit like this and stare out the window.
We finally convinced Jake to let the girls on the couch. I just NEED to cuddle them. Rhea was pumped. Lu was asleep on her bed.
I failed to get a picture of the whole group, but we had everyone over for Father’s Day dinner. I made bbq chicken, sweet potato bites, Asian green beans, salad, and cookies. It was so fun to get everyone together. I love that we are able to do that with our families!
So thankful for my incredible Dad and my amazing fathers-in-love! I feel very blessed to have these fellas in my life.
We are having a garage sale next weekend, so my Mom brought this Big Wheel over to sell. Things got weird when we all tried to ride it. It was almost impossible to push the pedals!
I hope your weekend was a good one!
Happy Monday, friends!

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