Diet change + back to it + Chase The Moon!

Jake left for work Monday morning about 6:45. I was still sleepy and had a running event that evening, so I decided to sleep in until about 7:30. The next thing I know, Jake is calling me. It was 8:42! I couldn’t believe it. It always throws me off when I sleep in that late. I guess I needed it, but I was bummed when I realized I had slept away some of my morning. The mornings are my favorite time. I grabbed a cup of coffee and crawled back into bed with the girls to check emails. 
My momma baked some bran muffins over the weekend, so she brought some over. They’re one of my favorite things! So delicious. I’m trying out little to no gluten and dairy again. I was doing pretty well eating those things, but my stomach has been bothering me lately, so I’m going back to cutting them out. I hope it helps! 
I spent the morning doing some computer work. Lunch was leftover salad and bbq chicken from Father’s Day.
Rhea wanted to lift with me. I hadn’t lifted in a few weeks. I am SORE. 
Lu is pretty happy about being allowed on the couch. She doesn’t shed much, but Rhea really does. Jake found the solution to keeping our couch fur-free. He uses our shop vac to vacuum the couch! It works great. I didn’t believe him at first, but it seriously pulls out all of the hair. It’s awesome. 
These are amazing. I got them at Sam’s. I could eat this entire bag.
I had a Trail Sisters run last night. We participated in Ragnar’s Chase The Moon run. It was SO fun!

I don’t usually run in the evenings because I don’t do well running with a lot of food on my stomach since I get terrible acid reflux. I was excited to run with everyone, so I chose dinner carefully – I have to stay away from spicy foods, fruits, and dairy before runs. I was craving a grilled cheese (dairy and gluten free), so that’s what we had! It was delicious. I wanted Sriracha with this so badly, but knew I couldn’t chance it. 

Couch cuddles before my run.
It rained most of the day yesterday. It started pouring right before our run. Luckily, it quit about 20 minutes before we started. I saw this rainbow on my way to meet everyone.
Here’s part of our group! We had a blast running together. It was a little muggy from all the rain, but we got our 6.7 miles in! Last year, collectively, all of the Chase The Moon runners ran enough miles to circle the moon 11 times. Ragnar was shooting for 20 times around this year! I haven’t heard yet whether we hit our goal, but I’ll keep you updated.
Huge thanks for Ragnar for providing us with photo props, treats, discount codes, and drinks! We loved spending our Monday night together doing what we love best – running! HUGE thank you to 4 By 4 Brewing for hosting us last minute due to crummy weather – you guys rock! 
It’s been awhile since we took a 4AM selfie together. Jake walked into the room after I got dressed for my run and we were matching. Of course I had to document it! He LOVES to match. (Not.)
Early morning miles with these two! We were all a little sleepy this morning after staying up late for the Chase The Moon run. Maybe a nap will be on the schedule later today… ; )
I’m off to tutor and run some errands!
Happy Tuesday, friends!


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