Out of shape + eyelashes + dinner fun!

I headed out for my run yesterday a little after 9. It was SO muggy. The entire run felt hard – I’m sure the humidity added to that, but I just felt out of shape yesterday. 
It was supposed to rain all day yesterday, so I was trying my best to get my run in before the rain happened. It never did end up raining – I’m glad I didn’t wait around for the rain. I never would’ve gotten my run in. I love running in the rain, but I won’t run if there’s lightening. 
I was drenched by the time I got home. 
I had a late breakfast and worked on my computer. I’ve been making egg, spinach, and turkey scrambles with Cholula and half an avocado. The bran muffins my Mom made for me are almost gone. I’ll be sad when they are. 
Lunch was boring, but delicious. Cauliflower tortilla with Sriracha tuna, which is amazing, and some GF crackers. 
Something I hate: wet hair. It’s the worst. I don’t like to wash my hair because I don’t like wet hair.

Something I love: my eyelashes have grown back! (Remember when I stopped getting eyelash extensions and when I pulled the extensions off, I pulled off my real lashes? Stupid.) Anyway, I’ve been using THIS serum at night. It works really well. My Mom gave me a bottle in February and I’m still using that same bottle! This stuff lasts forever. 

My birth mom, Dawn, her boyfriend, Mitch, and our realtor and Dawn’s friend, Robin, came over for dinner last night. They hadn’t seen our house since we moved and we wanted to thank Robin for all of her help in us getting our home. Jake grilled steak, and I made a salad and sweet potato bites. 
It was pretty yummy.
I also made soufflè for the first time. It was super easy to make and turned out great! I cooked mine a little longer than the recipe called for – it was still pretty gooey after the 10 initial minutes. I followed THIS recipe. 
Happy Friday Eve, friends! 

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