FriYAY + some of my favorite podcasts.

Bran muffin and a banana for a quick breakfast Thursday morning before I tutored.
After our tutoring session, I ran a few errands, then came home for lunch. I am obsessed with THESE cauliflower tortillas. They’re so good. I topped two of them with some bbq chicken, spinach, and cashew cheese.
I made Jake some breakfast burrito filling to take with him for a mountain bike race he’s doing this weekend. They’re camping, so he will be able to heat this up and add eggs to it before throwing it all in tortillas. 
My little side kick. Hey, Mom. Whatcha doin’?
We went to dinner at The Rock, a new place here in town. My food wasn’t all that great, but everyone else loved theirs, so I’ll have to go again and try something different. I had the grilled tuna, but it just didn’t have any flavor. I did have a drink called The Rock and I loved that!
Everything looked really pretty.
I would now like to begin “Rhea on the Couch” – a 3 part series.

1 – I love being on the couch. This is awesome.

2 – Maybe if I sit on top of Mom, I’ll cool off…

(Starting to panic because she’s a huge fluff ball & any type of fabric makes her hot.)

3 – Half off seems like the best option.

She sat like this for about 10 minutes…she’s so weird.

It was so humid this morning. It felt like we were running through water. We were drenched when we finished our miles.
Breakfast! I am on a Cholula kick right now…don’t tell Sriracha.
Here are some podcasts I’ve been loving lately!
HERE. A few months ago, Ali did a week-long special deal with all kinds of different experts. All of the episodes are great and informative, but I shared a few of my favorites here. Here’s one of them. 
HERE. I LOVE Des Linden.
HERE. I loved all the information about skincare in this podcast. 
HERE. This is one of my all-time favorites!! Kelly shares all kinds of great insights about diets and nutrition. 
HERE. Since I got to run with Courtney for 17.5 miles in Colorado last month, I am extra obsessed with her. She is such an amazing person!
Yes, all of those are about running/health, but that’s just what I’m enjoying right now! I’m not big into listening to audiobooks or anything like that because I’d rather read books, but I love listening to fitness podcasts while I run.
Happy Friday, friends!

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