Pups + food + our new toy!

Rhea sleeping is the cutest.
I cannot stop laughing any time I look at this picture. Her tush makes us laugh all the time. She’s so sassy when she walks, too. It’s the best. Also, super unsure how this is comfortable…
We went on a walk after my little run yesterday. My foot is still pretty sore. It was okay until about half a mile in. I stopped after 2 because I didn’t want to do any damage to it. It hurt most of the day after my run, but now feels back to normal after being off it all night. I might take today off running again and just see how it feels.
Lunch was a turkey and ham roll-up with my favorite brussels on the side. Roll-ups remind me of my childhood – anyone else? My Mom used to make us tortillas with butter and cinnamon and sugar. So delicious. She’d heat them up in the microwave and everything just kind of melted together.
I knocked out some work during the afternoon then took a break for a snack. Crackers, cherries, and the only La Croix flavor I like (Coconut) and could drink all day every day. Mmm.
We had a MORC event at Great Escape Beer Works last night. They had Ott’s pasta for us, which was delicious. I love Great Escape’s beer. It’s so amazing.
We rocked our Sunshine Bike Shop hats. We rode our new toy from our house to the brewery.
We got a tandem! It’s fun to ride, but definitely difficult. We’ve only ridden it twice thus far, so it’ll get better the more we are on it. I don’t like not being able to see what’s in front of us, but as long as we communicate about everything, it’s okay! I think it’ll help me become a better rider because I have to do what Jake does. We have some things we want to do to it, so I think that’ll help, too!
Happy Tuesday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    I think you need to host a party at your house! It seems like you have ALL of the fun stuff! Tandem bike, road bikes, mountain bikes, Astro Van, big back yard …. I am inviting myself over! 😉
    Have a great night!

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