Haircuts + my Momma’s birthday + early morning trail time!

My favorite oats are back on the menu this week! I mix GF oats, water, and two scrambled eggs together, cook it all, then top with brown sugar and turkey sausage. YUM. Adding an egg to your oatmeal is bomb. Try it! I cook it normally, sometimes adding an extra 30-60 seconds if I add more than one egg. 
Lu stands like a gopher when she is excited. She did this for a solid 30 seconds yesterday before I dropped her off for her haircut. It cracks me up.
Comments like this make me feel good. Some days I feel like all I’m doing is sharing a very public diary and that it’s not all that interesting. I just love sharing life with all of you! Thank you for tagging along! <3
So fresh and so clean clean with her new haircut.
Rhea was pretty upset about the bandana Lu came home with. She kept trying to chew it off of Lu.
I had a massive smoothie for lunch. Spinach, blueberries, chocolate protein powder, collagen, DF yogurt, almond milk, ice, and chia seeds. Mmm.
When you’re very scared of thunder and need your Mom to hold you. I mean, look at that precious face. 
We rode bikes to meet my family for dinner at Galloway Grill last night. We took super cute pictures while we waited for everyone else to meet us.
Tuna and veggies, one of my favorites! So. Good.
Look at this cutie birthday girl!! Love you, Mom!
This is Viveca and Hakan – they’re from Sweden and we love them! They’re visiting us this week and it’s been so fun having them here. We headed to Great Escape Beer Works for after dinner beers. 
The birthday girl!
Early morning trail miles with my number one. My foot is still a little sore. I think I’m just gonna run through it and see what happens…fingers crossed it’ll heal itself! It’s not feeling like an injury pain, if it was, I’d stop running. It feels bruised/like sore muscle. We will see…
I sure love watching the sunrise. Feeling extra thankful today that Jake and I get to do one of my favorite things together. Trail running is even better with your best friend.
I’m off to a TRX class! I can’t wait.
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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