Lu was here + all the food + family fun!

One guess where Lu slept the other night…I walked into our guest room and found this. It sure looks like she made herself comfortable. Eye-roll.
I am loving this breakfast right now. GF oats with two eggs mixed in, brown sugar, and turkey sausage links.
After breakfast, I went to a TRX class then tutored. After tutoring, it was time for lunch. Smoothies have been sounding good lately with how hot it has been. And I cannot stop eating these crackers. I need to take a break from buying them when this bag is empty.
Dinner was delicious and SO easy!

I did everything on the stovetop. First, I melted a tablespoon of ghee, then added a bag of cauliflower crumbles and a bag of frozen peas. Once those had cooked about 4 minutes, I added half a chopped onion. While that was cooking, I chopped up some cooked chicken and let it heat up in another pan with coconut aminos. A little bit of coconut aminos goes a long way! While the chicken heated up, I chopped up spinach and added it to the cauliflower mixture. I also added a little coconut aminos to that mixture. Then I just let everything simmer for about 10 minutes. That’s it! So simple and SO good. Top with sesame seeds and Sriracha – chow down!

After dinner, we met Jake’s family at a Springfield Cardinal’s game. We hadn’t been to a game in probably two years!
It was hot one, but it was fun to spend time with everyone.
We have a busy weekend, so I’m off to tutor and then help Jake with getting the oil changed in two of our three vehicles. It seems like all of our vehicles need the same things at the same time, ha!
Happy Friday, friends!

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