Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend consisted of friend time, racing, and all the yard work. After yesterday, we felt crazy productive and also very tired, ha!

Friday breakfast – GF oats with two eggs, topped with brown sugar, and two turkey sausage links. I think I’m going to have this for breakfast again this week, that’s how good it is.

I tutored Friday morning, then Jake and I ran a bunch of errands (he took the day off). We had a quick lunch date at Mama Jean’s. I had their salad bar for the first time and I am officially hooked. Look at all of this deliciousness! I promise there’s lettuce underneath there somewhere…
Friday afternoon, Cassie and I took Lu and Rhea to the river. They had a blast!
It was Rhea’s first time in water, so we ran around a lot, trying to get her to chase us. She especially loved digging up massive rocks and bringing them to us.
We would all be lounging on the gravel bar, when out of nowhere, Rhea would dive bomb us. It was hilarious. Lu spent the day exploring – she’s quite the adventure dog.
We spent the whole day at the river, so when I got home, I made a smoothie for dinner. I used up the last of one of my favorite protein powders. Sad day.
I relaxed with my smoothie and Parks and Rec.
These two were tuckered out after all their adventures.
Saturday morning started with a Trail Sisters trail run – the weather was gorgeous!
We were the first ones on the trails, so I had to carry a stick to catch all of the cobwebs. I was still covered in them when we finished. I hate spiders, so that was pretty miserable. I also got into some chiggers, so my feet are pretty itchy. I need to remember bug spray.
After my run, I went to Sac River for Omba Caramba, a local mountain bike race. We talked Kayla into doing it and she crushed it! It was her first mountain bike race and I loved getting to watch her finish.
Jake also raced and did awesome. I love this picture. He was too fast to get any others.
The cheer squad.
Here’s Jake finishing. If I leaned like that on my bike, I’d fall off.
Lu loved getting to play with all the kids that were at the race.
After the race, we grabbed a quick lunch. It was so hot out, I was craving something cold for lunch. This ceviche hit the spot!
After lunch, we both went home and took a nap. We were worn out! After our nap, we grabbed crowlers from Great Escape and headed to my birth mom’s for dinner. I got these sun glasses at Walmart for $5! I love them. Jake makes fun of me when I wear them.
Long story short – we were going to have grilled chicken for dinner, but Dawn and Mitch’s grill went crazy and burned itself up! It was nuts. Soooo, we ordered pizza. It was kind of funny, but I felt so bad for Mitch. He was excited to grill for everyone. We always love spending time with them, so we didn’t care what we ate. The food was delicious, though.
I was up most of the night with Rhea Saturday night – she was throwing up every 30 minutes. Poor thing. She started acting like normal again Sunday morning, so we are just watching her. Fingers crossed she had an upset tummy. I made Jake stay in bed Saturday night because he needed to be up at 3AM to take his parents to the airport. We both slept in on Sunday, then headed to brunch at First Watch. I wore my Gilmore Girls and Coffee shirt – we both needed all of the coffee on Sunday.
I couldn’t get a good picture, but I had the BLT Eggs Benedict. It was delicious.
After brunch, we did ALL of the yard work. We mowed, weedeated, picked up poop, and trimmed our trees. We want to start on landscaping, but probably won’t until this fall. This was the first time we had really done yard work at our new house. It was long overdue!
We have four massive piles of limbs to take to the recycling center.
I made us a little snack when we took a break from working.
I think we worked for about 5 hours or so, but we got so much accomplished. We felt really good about everything we did. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing in the backyard. Jake grilled for us, too!
We had bbq chicken, salad, and asparagus. It was SO good.
After dinner, we took the girls on a walk, then hit the hay! I went to a Tabata class and ran this morning and Jake went on a bike ride. I’m off to tutor then head to the doctor. I have some sun spots I want to get checked out – hopefully no big deal. I hope your Monday is wonderful! I can’t believe it’s already July!!!! How crazy…
Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. Jordan Mais (Niggemann)

    I love reading your blog and I just wanted to comment about Rhea being sick. There is something called water intoxication that dogs can get when they ingest too much water or breathe it in while playing in a river/lake/pool. It could have been because it was her first time and she’s still learning how to play! I would just keep an eye on her next time you go to the river to make sure she’s not going overboard (no pun intended!) have a great week!!

    • Chelsea

      Hi, Jordan!
      Ooooh. That’s really interesting! Is there anything I need to do for her or does it just need to run its course??
      Thanks, girlfriend!

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