I’m a worrier + hooked on smoothies + break outs…

This is what 4:30AM looks like at our house. Rhea has been let out of her kennel and she passes back out on our bedroom floor, and Lu refuses to get out of bed. I usually end up making the bed around Lu, and even though she only weighs 12 pounds, she makes things difficult.
All the black for a Tabata class yesterday morning. I am still nursing my foot, so I modified any jumping, which was hard for me. I love getting a good sweat on, so I am ready for my foot to be back to normal. I went on a little mile run after, just to see how things felt. Still sore, but not quite as bad…I think. 
This picture always makes me laugh. See?? I’ve always loved food! ; )
This is Rhea when Jake leaves for work. The girls definitely miss him whenever he’s gone.
I’m not sick of this breakfast yet! I got these turkey sausage links at Walmart and they’re delicious.
I am on a smoothie kick right now. I got through phases where I just want real food, but smoothies are hitting the spot this summer.
I haven’t had a break out in a LONG time. These bad boys popped up over the weekend. Ouch. I hate zits. HATE. THEM. I have found that the cleaner I eat, the less likely I am to break out. Dairy seems to affect my skin the most.
I had a doctor’s appointment to look at some sun spots and got the all clear! My doctor also complimented my spray tan, so I’m taking that as a good sign – I’m sure she likes that much better than tanning! Ha! I use Loving Tans and LOVE it.

After my appointment, I had a snack of turkey and ham slices, almond cheese, and Sriracha. Mmm.

Floor cuddles with my babies. Rhea still wasn’t acting like herself – I stuck around the house so I could keep an eye on her. I am a worrier, so I didn’t want to be far from her. I’m happy to report that whatever was wrong with her went away – she’s back to her normal happy self!
I love this for a quick and easy side – frozen mashed cauliflower. I get it at Walmart and it’s delicious! I get the unseasoned package – it honestly doesn’t need any seasoning, but I’d rather add my own than use something that was artificially flavored.
I cooked fresh green beans with ghee, coconut aminos, black pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. So yummy.
I also made some meatballs. These were so easy! 1 pound of ground beef, half a chopped red onion, turmeric, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, coconut aminos, and 1 egg. I mixed it all together, rolled them into balls, and baked at 400° for 20 minutes. That’s it! I don’t measure things out, so just season to your taste. They were amazing.
I topped the meatballs with veggie cheese and a tiny bit of BBQ sauce. YUM.
I really like this shredded veggie cheese. Some of them out there taste like wax, but I don’t think this one does. I got it at Walmart – grocery pick-up is a life saver.
One perk to having big legs – you can wear your husband’s hand-me-down bike cham
ois. Jake gave me this old pair of his and I love them! They’re really comfortable.
We rode from our house to Bicycle Outlet for their Monday night ride, but when we got there, they had cancelled it due to the possibility of bad weather. Since I’m new on a bike and we had ridden to the bike shop from our house, we decided to take the long way back home rather than go out with the small group that decided to still ride. I am getting more comfortable on my bike and starting to enjoy it more!
We grabbed a drink on our ride home, then came back to love on our girls before bed. Jake had a snack before bed and the girls were pretty bummed he wouldn’t share with them.
Rhea got lots of love before bed.
Get ya a smart friend who will send pictures of how to properly tape your foot at 9PM. Thank you, Alex!! I’m ready for this foot to feel better!
It’s a busy day, so I’m off to tackle my to-do list! Knocked out a run and TRX workout this morning, so now it’s time for breakfast.
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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