Wednesday stuff + 4th of July fun + the perfect way to watch fireworks!

We had the most wonderful 4th of July. We spent the day with friends at the lake, then came back home, packed up our girls, grabbed some ice cream, and watched fireworks. It was such a fun, relaxing day. My only regret – the ice cream. Definitely not having ice cream again any time soon. My stomach hurt so bad! But other than that, the day was perfect!

Rewinding to Wednesday, I slept in until around 6, then chowed down on breakfast.

My friend, Kallie, and I have matching heart tattoos. We got them when we were 21. This text made me laugh – we texted each other at the same time. 
I NEED this shirt. Need. It.
I had the most amazing salad for lunch Wednesday. Two tilapia filets, cooked with turmeric, onion, and garlic powder, plus ghee and coconut aminos. It’s the most amazing combination. It’s also really delicious on chicken. I put the tilapia on top of spinach, sweet peppers, veggie cheese, and avocado.
This face. This girl is the sweetest, most ornery pup. We got pretty lucky.
I love them.
I can’t stop with this smoothie. It’s so delicious.
Rhea wanted it, too. I don’t blame her. It’s two handfuls of spinach, half a cup of raspberry coconut yogurt, one handful of ice, half a cup of water, half a cup of frozen blueberries, half a frozen banana, one scoop of chocolate protein powder, one scoop of collagen, 1T honey, 2T of chocolate PB2 – blend together, top with 1T chia seeds.
I can’t believe this girl has been my sidekick for 6 years. When Lu was a puppy, she would stare at herself in mirrors and bark and growl. It was hilarious. I love when puppies do that!
This picture makes me laugh. One morning, 7 years ago on the 4th, Piper and I had both stopped by to see our parents. Somehow we all ended up just sitting on the floor by their front door while we chatted. I miss this old house. I lived in it from the time I was 8 until I left for college at 18. My parents moved into a new home a few years ago. It’s a beautiful home, but I will always miss this one.
I couldn’t pass up these socks at Walmart. I got them to run in on Thursday, but they were too thin for my trail shoes, so I just wore them before and after our run.
Happy 4th from the Springfield Trail Sisters!!
It was a pretty hot and humid day! Michelle took a break to lay in the cool, wet grass.
Rachel missed our group picture, so I made her pose by herself after her run. I’m sure she loved this.
Do you guys remember the champagne explosion of 2018? (HERE). Well, I guess I just have bad luck with champagne. I brought champagne and OJ to make mimosas after our run. I went to open the champagne and it went EVERYWHERE. I was soaked. I shouldn’t be allowed to open champagne anymore…
After our run, we got cleaned up, changed into our swimsuits, and headed for the lake. I made Jake and I a smoothie to share on the drive. I got this visor at Walmart. It lit up. I loved it.
We love lake days!
On our way home from the lake, we grabbed dinner, then picked up our girls, and headed out for ice cream and fireworks. This is how Rhea likes to ride in the van. And yes, she has gotten stuck in-between the door and the driver’s seat. We couldn’t get her unstuck a few weeks ago. It was hilarious, but also a little scary. We eventually got the chair to recline enough to push her out of the skinny spot she was stuck in. Eye-roll. Luckily, she didn’t get stuck last night. 
We grabbed Andy’s, then watched Twin Oaks’ fireworks display. Lu hates fireworks, so Jake made her a little cave under his chair. She loved it and seemed to do really well once she was hidden. Rhea didn’t seem to mind them at all. It was the best night!
Foot update: I have decided to take the next week off of running. My foot just isn’t healing like I want and I want to be able to run pain-free. My next race isn’t until September, so a week off now shouldn’t be too big of a deal. I’m bummed about not running, but I know it’s for the best. I’m going to hit up some hot yoga classes while I’m taking time off. I need to try and stay off my feet, so this week is going to be tough. Fingers crossed time off helps!
Happy Friday, friends!


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  1. Michelle Hartgraves

    Hope your foot heals quickly so you can be back out in the trails. Rhea’s face, oh my goodness! And that wet grass felt sooooo good to lay in. I was soaked when I got back up, lol!!

  2. Rebecca Best

    First, love your bathing suit-so cute! So sorry about your foot. I am sure it is just a minor issue and time off will be the key, but it’s always something with these injuries. Like Jake, my hubby is an avid runner (although not an ultra runner, just very consistent and pretty speedy) and he has never had a running injury. I often wonder if women are just more prone to them.

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