Acupuncture + mascara I love + a super easy meal for you to try!

Another toy had been destroyed by 8AM Monday morning.
My morning routine (when not running) is either sleeping in or getting a workout in, working on my blog, answering emails, feeding the girls, then feeding myself. The latter is my favorite. ; )
During breakfast I iced my foot. I had a few people asked what’s wrong with my foot. I honestly don’t know. I don’t know if I just tweaked it or if it’s a little tendonitis. It’s on the top of my foot – here are picture. It’s red because I had just iced it, but you can see some swelling on my left foot. That’s where all my pain is – sometimes it’s really sharp and constant and sometimes it’s more dull and comes and goes. It’s just weird. A few people suggested acupuncture for faster healing, so I made an appointment for today! Fingers crossed.
I spent the morning working on the computer. Lunch was chicken that I prepped on Sunday, topped with Go-Veggie cheese, and my favorite brussels (honey and balsamic vinegar).
I worked around the house, but tried to stay off of my feet. I had a rice cake with chocolate PB Fit and some clementines. I had forgotten how much I loved clementines. They’re so refreshing.
I shared a few weeks ago about the lash serum I’ve been using since no longer getting eyelash extensions (HERE). I started using THIS mascara and I LOVE it. I’m really picky about make-up. I don’t wear a ton, so when I do wear make-up, I want it to be fool proof. This stuff is! It doesn’t clump at all, which I love. I got it at Ulta. I really like the Tarte brand. I have some of their other items and have been impressed with each one.
Do you ever eat something a lot and forget about it? But when you remember it again, it’s the best day! That totally happened with this. I used to eat this quinoa and brown rice mixture all the time. It’s delicious. I saw it in the store the other day and couldn’t believe that I had forgotten about it. It’s so easy to heat up and eat when you need something quick – it’s ready in 90 minutes. Throw some veggies and protein in with it and you’ve got a meal!
We had that quinoa and brown rice from above, cauliflower rice, ground beef, and green beans for dinner last night. It was delicious. And easy! I cooked the cauliflower rice with turmeric, garlic powder, onion powder, ghee, and coconut aminos. YUM.
After dinner, Jake and I watched part of Fight Club. It was on TV and we both hadn’t seen it in forever. Such a good flick. Lu slept like this for about 20 minutes. No clue how that was comfortable.
Rhea insisted on chewing her bone on our coffee table. It was so loud. I kept moving it to the floor and she would move it right back.
Pre hot yoga coffee. I went to yoga this morning, then dropped Rhea off at the vet. She’s getting spayed today. I got sad leaving her and I miss her already. The girls at the office always give her lots of love, so that helped a little. Lu was all out of sorts when I got home without her sister. They’ll be glad to be reunited later today!
I hope the acupuncture later helps with my foot! I haven’t been to my chiropractor because it doesn’t feel like it needs any adjusting, it’s more like a strained tendon or something. Who knows. Maybe whoever does my acupuncture can give me a better idea.
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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