Improvement? + the cone of shame + FINALLY!

I’ll give you one guess what I had for breakfast Tuesday morning. ; )

I had the most delicious salad for lunch yesterday. Spinach, my favorite brussels, leftover chicken and steak, Go-Veggie DF cheese, and balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and Sriracha. It. Was. The. Bomb.

At the appointment for my foot yesterday, they decided they didn’t want to do acupuncture because of the swelling. They ended up doing some therapies with a cold laser – apparently they have the highest-quality cold laser in the area. The doctor that worked with me thinks this foot pain could be connected to my ankle sprain from last November (HERE). I will say, after my initial treatment, my foot started to feel better! I was even able to mow the yard with zero pain at all – Jake wouldn’t let me mow the whole thing because he didn’t want me to push it with my foot. I was pretty excited about being pain-free, though!
Poor girl. Rhea was spayed yesterday and she was having a hard time. She had to wear the cone of shame because she was licking her incision, but she was scared of the cone, so things were interesting. She wouldn’t walk with it on, so trying to get her from the vet office to the car was pretty funny. She was content once we were in the car as long as she could stare out the window.
Jake and I did yard work when he got home from work, then we had smoothies for dinner. Jake spent the evening in our garage working while I hung out with Rhea. She was still pretty loopy.
She was happy to have her cone off! As long as one of us can watch her, she can go cone-free. Lulu was very concerned about her and kept sticking her own head in Rhea’s cone to get close to her face.
Jake walked into us girls on the floor like this, watching Road House.
These are DELICIOUS. I am hooked. I never used to like carbonated water, but I really like these. I like the orange best so far.
4 years ago today my parents moved out of their old house. I sure miss this place! Especially the sun room off the back. It was my favorite place to sit and relax. The pond was fun, too. When we were younger, we would take our canoe or paddle boat out onto it.
I am headed to hot yoga and I am going to WALK there! I can’t wait. My foot feels better today. I’m hoping it’ll feel even better after my second appointment with the cold laser this evening. Praying I can get back to running this week/weekend! I was going to run today, but decided to walk instead and ease back into running. 
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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