That felt amazing + rough night with Rhea + cold laser therapy.

Ladies, am I right? I love the meme that says taking off a wet sports bra should be considered cardio. Ha! So true.
I know you all were probably so sad about not being able to see a picture of my breakfast on Wednesday. ; ) Same old thing! I’m a creature of habit.
This girl did pretty okay yesterday! She was definitely hurting a little bit, but she didn’t try to mess with her incision too much. A few times she would freak out and kind of jump around. I’m wondering if her incision was pulling since it’s starting to heal? I was able to get her calmed down, but she was pretty miserable whenever that happened.
Scroll past this if you don’t like pictures of incisions – but she’s got a pretty big one!
Rhea slept with her head under the couch most of the day and Lu slept on top of it. I was able to get some cleaning, laundry, and computer work finished whenever Rhea slept. I didn’t want to put her cone on her, so I tried to keep an eye on her most of the day.
Another salad full of delicious leftovers for lunch. This one has spinach, chicken, steak, DF cheese, DF ranch, balsamic vinegar, and Sriracha. YUM. Salads and smoothies are my cravings right now. Plus my oats with eggs and turkey sausage links.
Rhea seemed to do better if she was able to cuddle, so I sat on the floor with her for about an hour before I went to my cold laser therapy appointment.
I ran almost a mile last night!! It felt SO good to run. My foot hurt a little after the first quarter of a mile, so I stopped and walked, but then the pain went away and I ran the rest half of the mile without pain. I am so ready for a long run. These injuries and struggles always make me appreciate the ability to run, which is something I definitely take for granted when I’m healthy.
Jake had a meeting last night, so I hung out with our girls, made a smoothie, iced my foot, and watched some New Girl.
My friend, Katie, sent me this. How delicious does that look?! YUM. I want to make this ASAP.
Rhea had a rough night – she was pretty restless. Since Jake is on call this week, I didn’t want her waking him up, so I made a pallet on the living room floor for us. About the time I got that made, Jake got called into work. Jake worked from 10PM until about 2AM. I stayed on the pallet with Lu and Rhea. It seemed to help Rhea a little bit. She kept trying to crawl on top of me and get her face really close to mine. Which would have been fine, but she had her cone on since I was trying to sleep and she kept messing with her incision. We slept for a long time like we are in this picture. Lu kept getting jealous, so she would be on my other side, trying to get as close as possible. It was a long night, ha! It’s not easy to cuddle a pup wearing a cone. Hopefully tonight is better!
I get cold lasered again today, then will hit up a yoga class. I also have a phone meeting and need to start prepping my classes for the fall – I can’t believe school starts next month. So crazy! Jake and I leave Monday for a beach vacation, which I am PUMPED about. 

For those asking – from how it was explained to me and the little research I’ve done, the cold laser helps cells generate ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which helps your cells recover at a faster rate. I sure hope it works! Some of the articles I read said it can take up to a month for the effects to show…I’m praying it’s not that long. I do think the swelling in my foot has gone down, so that’s a huge plus. A lot of my foot pain is most likely coming from some tight muscles in my lower leg, which is what my friend Alex said, too – she’s pretty smart. So, I am also doing some things to help loosen those up – foam rolling and using my lacrosse ball. OUCH. I am super thankful to have so many genius friends. Alex fixes me a lot…

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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