Chelsea eats + bummer + friends & fun!

Are you all ready for something CRAZY? I switched things up for breakfast on Thursday. I slept in until almost 8AM since I slept on a pallet on the floor with Rhea, so I was a little late getting started on my to-do list. French toast sounded really delicious, so I made a piece, scrambled some eggs, and cooked some spinach and sausage links. It was goooood. I’ve been eating Udi’s GF bread lately and I really like it.
After breakfast, I headed to my cold laser appointment. This is the laser they’re using on me. I explained it more HERE.
Lunch was a delicious smoothie.
I was a little low on protein for the day, so I added some chicken to my afternoon snack – carrot chips, hummus, and chicken.
When you get a little ahead of yourself and think your foot will heal overnight, but it still really hurts…ugh. My foot was pretty dang sore all day yesterday. I just want to be able to run pain-free. I am not a patient person. At all. In case you didn’t already know..
We tried Udi’s Gluten-Free pizza crusts last night and LOVED them. If you’re GF, or just like to try new things, try them. We were both so impressed. If you like a crispier crust, bake them for 12-15 minutes, not the 7 the package calls for.  I topped ours with marinara sauce, spinach, turkey pepperoni, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and basil. Jake had shredded Colby Jack cheese and I had Go-Veggie DF cheese. 
This is week 3 of 90% dairy-free & gluten-free. I don’t think gluten is as big of an issue for me as dairy seems to be. I can have gluten and be fine, but can only have small amounts of dairy with little to no issues. Yogurt is fine, white cheeses are fine, milk is okay, but if I have yellow cheese, I break out & bloat like crazy. Isn’t it crazy how certain foods cause reactions? I don’t think any food group is bad, I just think each person is different & we have to find what works best for us as individuals. I really enjoy learning which foods fuel me & which don’t. I am glad I can handle white cheeses – goat cheese is one of my favorite things!
I went to a new hot yoga class today called Fire Fit. It was fun! It was really similar to the regular yoga classes I go to (Vinyasa), with some faster movements added in. I modified a lot since I’m babying my foot, but the class was great. I was drenched about 30 seconds in. Oh, and I am currently having no foot pain, so we will see. I know this isn’t going to be a quick fix, but it is nice to feel semi-normal. 
I have another cold laser appointment this morning, then I’m going to the lake with two friends for a few hours. I’m excited for some friend time and some sunshine!
Happy Friday, friends!

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