Weekend Wrap-up!

We leave today for our beach vacation! I am so excited. To get ready for some beach time, I spent Friday afternoon with some girlfriends at the lake. It was beautiful and the sun felt so good.
Before we headed to the lake, I had breakfast, hit up a hot yoga class, and had another cold-laser therapy session.
We had a blast at the lake. We spent about 4 hours on the dock, just hanging out, and it was incredible.
Lu got to go with us. Rhea stayed home to recover from getting spayed.
She kept trying to wiggle out of my arms. Her tongue cracks me up in this picture. And she knocked my sunnies out of place.
Don’t worry – these beers were empty.
At one point, Lu slipped off of the dock and into the lake. When I realized it, I guess I just flopped off the dock into the water  to get to her – Cassie and Kallie made fun of me. I guess this is what I looked like. As I was falling in, I just remember thinking, “Why did I not just walk over and get her?” I panicked. It was her first time at the lake!
This was after I watched Cassie reenact my flop. I knew I looked ridiculous as I was flopping into the water.
This was a much needed girls’ day! We have been friends since high school, which is so crazy –  15 years of friendship! 
Jake gets the best husband award – he got me a kayak!
I love it and am so excited to take it floating. I haven’t been in a kayak in YEARS. I have a lot to learn. Any tips?!
My friend, Liz, sent this to me. SO accurate!
Jake and I went to dinner at Galloway Friday night. I had the Trail Bugers, no bun, with veggies. SO good.
After dinner, we met these cuties for a drink (Well, I did. Jake was on call, so he didn’t have anything.) We always love date night with Jordan and Trevor!
Since I’m not running right now, I took Lu with me to Two Rivers Saturday morning to walk while the girls ran. She loves being on trail.
It’s hard not being able to run, but I love watching these girls crush some miles. If you’re interested in joining Trail Sisters Springfield, you can find us HERE and HERE. The second link is our private group where our weekly schedule is posted.
After Trail Sisters, I went to hot yoga, had my last cold-laser appointment, picked up groceries, and grabbed lunch. Jake and our friend, Scottie, were working on our van, so I grabbed lunch for them, too. I love this sandwich from Mama Jean’s. The roasted sweet potato and jalapeño honey on it are so delicious.
Ladies, this is a game changer!!! I am SO pumped. I don’t know why I hadn’t considered doing this myself, but I feel like my life is now complete. I do not enjoy getting my nails done. It is not relaxing to me – I hate that electric file – it gives me anxiety. I love having dip powder on my nails, but had given up on that because it just wasn’t worth it to me to not enjoy the process. I found a do-it-yourself dip powder at Sally’s! I got QUICK DIP and am super impressed with it thus far. I’ll keep you updated on how long it lasts, how it is to take off, and how my nails feel after.
Not too bad for my first time using it! Putting the dip powder on literally took 10 minutes and it was dry immediately. I couldn’t believe it! They have all kinds of colors, too. Best purchase ever.
Jake and Scottie finished building a bed and shelving in our van, so I went out to enjoy it. I am in awe of what all they did! Not only does it look amazing, but it’s crazy comfortable!
We just need to put on the mattress cover and sheets. I’ll share more pictures after we sleep in it Monday night. We got the cutest Airbnb for our trip, but we are going to sleep in the van while we travel Monday.
We went to dinner Saturday at Cesar’s. I had the chicken and al pastor tacos, sans tortillas, add lettuce. My favorite meal there.
After dinner, Alex looked at my foot. She also brought over this awesome dish towel because of Rhea. I love it!
Not many friends would spend an hour working on your sore foot – thank you, Alex!! Before she worked on my foot, she measured my mobility. It wasn’t great on my left side, which is my bad foot. After she worked on it, she remeasured my mobility and it had improved already! It was awesome. She also gave me a bunch of different exercises to do to strengthen my ankle/foot. That stupid ankle sprain in November 2017 really screwed things up in my foot. I should’ve done a better job rehabbing it.
Do I have a problem? Asking for a friend.
Sunday morning breakfast! Blueberry pancakes, egg and spinach scrambles, turkey sausage links.
We knocked out all kinds of work Sunday morning and afternoon. Jake finished up the van, I did laundry and mowed, he weed eated, I picked up poop (the worst job). It was a busy, prod
uctive day!
Lu gets sad whenever we pack.
Jordan got the dip powder after I posted about it! Don’t her nails look amazing?! I’m so glad you gals are liking it! I had a few people ask me if I got the kit or just the individual stuff – they were out of kits when I went, so I just bought everything individually. Jordan got the kit and said it was awesome – that’s what she used here. She has THIS one. 
We had dinner at Jake’s parents’ house last night. Everything was so tasty, like always! I love being so close to our families.
We have a few things to do today – Jake is working a little bit, then we are OUTTA HERE! Gulf Shores, here we come! If there are any must-do’s, send them my way, please! 
Happy Monday, friends!

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