Try this chocolate + camping in our van + foot update!

I felt like I ran around on Friday like a chicken with its head cut off. We had a bunch of different little things to do before we got out of town. I took a break for a little hot yoga in the AM. I was drenched after class, it was a good one!
I picked up this chocolate at Mama Jean’s and it is incredible. We have only had the Almond Sea Salt so far, but we both loved it.
I have shared before that I’m not the biggest fan of camping, which sucks because it’s one of Jake’s favorite things. He has tried so hard over the years to make it comfortable for me. I am not a very good sleeper, so if you put me outside in a tent, it’s even worse. Although, I will say, since I started taking THESE and a magnesium supplement before bed, I’ve been sleeping REALLY well. Knock on wood. Anyway, Jake bought a super nice tent, new sleeping pads, new sleeping bags, built beds in the camper shell of our truck, everything…nothing worked. He finally decided to try and convert our new-to-us Astro van into a camper. Check out what he and our friend, Scottie, did! It’s amazing. They did all of this in one day. They also installed a fan (THIS) above the bed. Jake got a 6-inch memory foam topped mattress, too. And let me tell you, it is crazy comfortable! He ordered THIS mattress and cut it to fit in the van.
We got everything packed up, said goodbye to our babies, and hit the road. I made dinner to take with us – Jake had a wrap and I had a massive salad.
We drove for about 6 hours last night. This ole van does a pretty good job! We pulled into a camp site around midnight. We stayed near Enid Lake, which is a little over an hour away from Jackson, MS. We cheers-ed to our adventure and our first night in the van, then we passed out!
I slept like a dang baby. Everything was crazy comfortable. It was even 80°! We had two fans going, which really helped. I never got hot. Soooo, Astrid the Astro is a success! Jake did it! I FINALLY slept well outside. We woke up to all of these beautiful trees.
Here she is! Jake wants to put new tires and wheels on her, and do a couple more things, but she’s pretty awesome. 
We are on the road again to Gulf Shores – we should be there just in time for lunch!

Foot update – I haven’t had any pain in two days! I pushed it a little harder in yoga yesterday to see how it would do. Fingers crossed. I have been doing some foam rolling, massaging, and band work while we drive. I brought my TRX straps with me to do some workouts. I MIGHT try to run later in the week. I’ll see what Dr. Alex says. 

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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