Gulf Shores Day 1!

We finished up driving Tuesday morning, so we had coffee and breakfast on the road. Sometimes it’s nice when you’re traveling to have a “home-cooked” meal. I added collagen, honey, peanut butter, and a banana to our oats. 
We pulled into Gulf Shores a little before 2PM. We were both hungry, so our first stop was for lunch at LuLu’s. They had the best fresh margarita. I don’t like sweet and sour mix, so I was excited when I saw this one. It was tequila, triple sec, and limes. That’s it! 
We were tired, but so happy to be on vacation!
We shared the blackened fish tacos. 
I wanted to get this shirt for Lulu. She would’ve loved it.
Check out the amazing view from our room. 
Someone is serious about working on his tan…he broke out the short shorts. 
My first time in the ocean THREE years. Way too long for me. I love the ocean. 
Delicious drinks! I think this was the best hard water I’ve ever had. It hardly had any carbonation and the flavor was so subtle. I loved it!
Our view for dinner. We went to Pink Pony Pub. 
We shared some seafood nachos. They were pretty good, but my stomach was not happy with all the cheese. We also got watermelon margaritas, which were delicious, but they had a lot of sugar and that bothered our stomachs, too. Other than that, we had a great first night! If there’s something we have to do while we are here, let me know! 
We are off to the beach for the day! 
Happy Wednesday, friends! 


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  1. Amanda

    I will be reading along to see what fun things you do!! We leave for the Gulf Shores on Saturday. The house my family rented is on Dauphin Island. Enjoy your vacation

    • Chelsea

      Hi, Amanda!
      If you have time to go to Fin & Fork, we highly recommend! The food was amazing.
      We also rode our bikes through Gulf Shores State Park – that was a blast! There was so much to see and lots of little likes.
      Hope you have the best time on your trip!!

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