Weekend Wrap-up!

How is it already Monday?! This weekend flew by so quickly. We were busy every day, which made the time fly. I had a garage sale Thursday and Friday. Wow. Talk about hard work. We sold so much on Thursday, I couldn’t believe it. I slept in until almost 5:30 Friday morning, then got started pulling everything out for day 2 of the sale. It was nice having fewer things to get out!
Once I got everything set-up in the driveway, my Mom came over and I heated up breakfast. 
We were busy all morning with the sale. We finally had a lull and I had a banana with almond butter for a snack. 
Thanks, Momma, for helping me all weekend! 
The garage sale police. They made sure to greet every single person who stopped by. Eye-roll. 
I polished off one of Jake’s lunches on Friday. He went out to eat with the guys he works with, so I got to eat his prepped meal. It was SO good – deer meat, butternut squash, kale, and onion all cooked in coconut aminos. 
Real friends will hang out with you at your garage sale all day…and occasionally model various articles of clothing. ; )
I had once again planned to cook dinner Friday, but once we wrapped up the sale and loaded up the few things that didn’t sell so we could donate them, I just didn’t feel like cooking. We decided to go to Galloway and Kayla joined us. I was craving wings, so I had them and a side salad. Kind of Paleo, kind of not. It was amazing. 
Thanks for hanging with me, KayMac!
I slept in Saturday until almost 8, which was pretty wonderful. When I got up, I went to yoga, got grocery pick-up, then came home and made a huge scramble for us for breakfast. Butternut squash, bacon, spinach, and eggs. 
Topped with hummus and peppers and strawberries on the side. 
I may or may not overreact about things… ; )
We met my parents at a golf tournament Saturday afternoon. Our tickets included lunch, so we ate there.They were serving tacos – I made a big taco salad out of some of the fixings. I skipped the tortillas, the cheese, the beans, and the sour cream. 
We had fun walking around with my family, watching the golfers. 
Gosh, I miss this girl. I can’t believe we’ve been without her for almost a year. I hope you’re running all the best trails in Heaven, Aspey girl! For new readers, Aspen, our Vizsla, passed away last August from Lymphoma. It all came on really quickly. She was such a lover and the sweetest girl. She was the BEST trail dog and could put away an entire package of hot dogs in seconds. 
Cassie and I rode bikes at Wilson’s Creek Sunday morning. It was a blast! And really, really hard. There’s a 5-mile paved loop that I love to run, so we rode that. The hills out there are crazy hard. We got 10 miles in before needing coffee. ; ) 
I came home and made a scramble – eggs, bacon, butternut squash, spinach, hummus, and peppers. MMM. 
After breakfast, I started on laundry and meal prep. Jake got called out to work at 10PM Saturday night, so when he got home around noon, he went to bed. While he slept, I knocked out all kinds of stuff. Here are his lunches for the week – chicken and spinach wraps. He eats out with his crew on Fridays, so he only needs 4 lunches. My new favorite way to cook chicken – coconut aminos, turmeric, garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper. I cook the chicken with all of those seasonings and ghee in a pan on the stove over medium heat. I flip occasionally until the temperature of the chicken is 165. So easy and seriously so delicious. I then sliced up the chicken for his wraps and loaded up some flatbread. 
I also made breakfast – egg muffins with asparagus, sweet potatoes, and turkey sausage. I couldn’t find all of my muffin liners, so I made a casserole with the leftover. 
I finished up meal prep and laundry, hung out with Jake for a little bit, then started on dinner – tofu, green beans, and cauli mashed potatoes. I cooked this tofu with Frank’s hot sauce and coconut aminos – it was incredible. We watched Murder Mystery on Netflix during dinner. It’s not terrible, but it’s not one I’d watch again. I love Jennifer Aniston, so she was fun to watch in it. It’s just super corny. A cute flick if you don’t mind corny!
I don’t know how Jake functions after working through the night. He’s amazing. If I even stay up until midnight/one o’clock, I feel like I’m a zombie for a few days. My body needs a lot of sleep…
Jake took Rhea on a short run Saturday morning and she tore both pads on her front paws. She’s handling it like a champ, though, and it hasn’t slowed her down at all. Thank goodness they are just little tears. 
I got up to swim this morning and realized it was storming. The Y closes their pool if it storms, so I went right back to bed. I didn’t meet my goal of swimming 3 times a week last week, but I’m okay with that. My body was exhausted Wednesday, so I slept in until 7AM and I had my garage sale Friday morning, so I just didn’t make the time to get to the pool. I will say, I am enjoying my bike SO much right now, so I might try to swim once or twice a week and ride the other days. Jake was right – I just needed to get my tush in the saddle more to enjoy it. I don’t enjoy swimming like that, but I also haven’t put the time in – I do remember not loving swimming when I was on swim team, but I was also 12, so who knows. Anyway, I am adjusting goals AGAIN, but I want to continue riding even when I’m back to running – which is hopefully in 3 weeks! My foot is feeling really good right now. I haven’t had pain in my foot in awhile, now it’s mostly my ankle/tibialis, and it’s not really a pain, just super tight. I’m rehabbing it every day, so fingers crossed! I was on my feet all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and didn’t have pain, so I’m taking that as a good sign. 
Happy Monday, friends! 

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