A clean garage + MNR + bike stuff!

I don’t think I have made egg muffins with asparagus in them in a long time – these are so good! They have asparagus, sweet potato, and turkey. Also, it was hard for me to eat that banana. I don’t like any brown spots on my bananas, I like them to still be a little green.
We had a few things that didn’t sell on our garage sale, so I loaded them up and took them to the CARE Animal Shelter’s thrift store. I love that the thrift store benefits the animals. Also, our garage is finally clean! Wahoo! We moved in our new home at the end of April, so that garage sale pile had been taking up a lot of room. Now to reorganize…
After I dropped off donations, I went to the Y to lift a little, then hit up a barre class at My Hot Yoga. It was a great class! I love barre and haven’t been able to find classes here in town since my old gym closed – sad face. 

After barre, I had lunch. I love this dressing. Someone told me to try their balsamic vinaigrette, too. If you haven’t ever had Primal Kitchen, give it a try. Clean, real ingredients.

A bunch of spinach topped with my favorite chicken, onion, avocado, hot sauce, that dressing, and hemp hearts.
I was sleepy and hungry all day yesterday, so lots of snacks happened and I took a 20-minute nap with my girls.
We ate a super early dinner at 4:45 because we went on a Monday Night Ride here in town. I made brown sugar (not Paleo) salmon, cauliflower rice with coconut aminos, and my favorite brussels. It was delicious and didn’t bother my stomach during our ride. Yes, I miss running, but man, I am loving my bike right now! One thing I really like about cycling is that I can ride in the afternoon/evening. I have a hard time running at those times because it kills my stomach – I get terrible acid reflux if I run after eating a big meal. Riding my bike doesn’t seem to trigger that as badly. We will see!
Excuse my wonky helmet, we fixed it after this picture haha. Jake told me it was bothering him. ; ) I was excited to get some more miles in on this bad boy – I have a Salsa Journeyman and love it. 
Kayla met us at our house and we all rode together to meet the group.
I love having friends who also ride bikes! Kayla is a BA on a mountain bike, too. Now to just get her to try trail running…I’m working on it.
We grabbed a beer on our ride home at Great Escape, showered, and crawled into bed. I told Jake I never got a picture of the two of us while riding, so I took one before we went to sleep. I took this and we immediately started laughing because it was so close. Haha! Not great.
Jake knows everything there is to know about bikes, but I’d love to hear any tips from my lady friends out there! Is there anything I need?? I don’t ride with clip-ins yet, but I see that happening soon. I love that I can ride most of my running routes – that way I won’t forget them. ; )
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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