Yoga + cleaning + these pups…

I went to a yoga sculpt class at My Hot Yoga yesterday. It kicked my butt! I had to sit on my towel in the car because I was so drenched. I’m always drenched when I leave hot yoga, but this was on another level. 
I am not a super flexible person, which I think has led to some of my running injuries. I’ve been going to yoga consistently the past 5 weeks and I definitely feel like I’m getting stronger and more flexible!
Rhea’s new favorite spot to sit outside. With her frisbee of course.
I didn’t end up eating breakfast until almost 10:30. My morning was busy and I just decided to eat after yoga. I was starving by the time I finally ate – egg muffins, bacon, and a banana.
I cleaned all morning and worked on getting my online classes ready to go this fall. I’m just teaching 2 sections of the same course this fall for UMSL – a university in St. Louis. I usually teach 3 or 4, so only having 2 will be strange. I love the course I’m teaching, so I’m excited for the semester to begin. I think I’ve taught this course 5 or 6 times.

After I cleaned and worked on my course, I took a lunch break. Same salad as yesterday. If you haven’t tried help hearts, try them. They’re delicious on top of salads or blended in smoothies. I think they’d be good baked onto chicken or fish, too. I need to try that.

Jake and I like to send the creepiest GIFs. Sometimes we communicate only using GIFs. Anyone else?
Lu and Rhea made sure to get caught up on sleep while I cleaned. Lu sleeps in the weirdest positions.
I had planned to cook something for dinner, but then I got busy working on things and a smoothie was the only thing that sounded good. Jake ended up going to a Taco Tuesday ride, so he had dinner out. This smoothie is my favorite right now – spinach, blueberries, ice, water, collagen, chocolate protein powder, peanut butter powder, chia seeds, hemp hearts, and honey. YUM.
Man, I’m having a hard time getting up early on the days I’m supposed to swim. I just end up turning my alarm off! I think it’s because swimming doesn’t excite me. I never have trouble getting up when I’m going to run. But swimming, heck no. Maybe I’ll go Friday…HA! I just want to ride my bike. I think I’ll go for a bike ride here in a little bit. I also really love sleep. A lot. Jake leaves for work around 7, so I’ve been getting up around then. That’s 3 more hours than I usually get! It’s been nice, but I miss my early mornings. Maybe next week I’ll get it together…

​I can’t believe tomorrow is AUGUST!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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