Fun memories + most time in the saddle + the best covers!

I love when fun memories pop up on Timehop. I’ve always loved meal prepping! This picture was from 5 years ago when I prepped for the entire month of August in one day. It was a blast. I had so many meals ready to just take from the freezer and put into the oven. This helped so much that first month of going back to teaching.
This memory made me laugh. My friend, Cassie, had her harmonica with her one day at the fair. The MSU marching band just happened to be there playing, so Cass stood in the back and played with them.
I could hardly eat that banana. It’s time for the rest of them to go into the freezer for smoothies. I like my bananas still a little green!
After breakfast, I loaded up and headed to Wilson’s Creek for a bike ride. Astrid (our Astro van) is the best. That’s our bed in the back. It’s so comfy.
This is what happens when I go to bed with wet hair. My hair is always a little crazy, but going to bed with it wet makes it extra crazy. 
I was really excited to get a ride in. I had planned to do 3 laps, which would’ve been 15 miles. I ended up doing 4 and got 20 miles in, which was my longest consecutive ride. Usually we stop and grab a beer or coffee in the middle of rides, so I was proud of myself for going that for on my own. My back was pretty sore when I finished, but I had a blast.
I am obsessed with New Girl and I love the song from Schmidt and Cece’s wedding. I found it on Spotify! It’s so good.
I am also very obsessed with solid covers of songs I love. I decided to compile all of my favorites into a playlist on Spotify. The link is HERE – I will continue to add to it as I find more, but here are the songs I have now. They’re SO good.
I had a big salad for dinner. Jake polished off my favorite chicken, so I made some more. I topped my salad with a bunch of it.
After dinner, I snacked on some popcorn. I can’t buy this stuff anymore. I could eat this entire bag…in one sitting. And Rhea does this any time I have food. Or water. She’s weird.
Jake and I grabbed coffee downtown this morning before some meetings he had. I’m off to yoga and then to start on my to-do list.
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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