This breakfast is delicious + acid reflux + knocking it out early – spoke too soon…HA!

These two really wanted my breakfast yesterday.
I can’t say that I blamed them. We had quinoa breakfast bowls, topped with peanut butter, walnuts, a banana, maple syrup, and cinnamon. They were delicious.
After breakfast, I went to the Y. I spent 40 minutes on the elliptical with zero foot pain (yay!), then lifted. I had the worst acid reflux from the peanut butter I had for breakfast. Isn’t it strange that peanut butter gives me acid reflux if I workout after eating it, but almond butter doesn’t?

​It was super sunny outside and I had forgotten me sunglasses (autocorrect changed ‘my’ to ‘me’, but it made me laugh, so I’m leaving it. Pretend I’m saying that in an Irish accent).

These are not Paleo, but they’re delicious. They did not help my acid reflux. Ha!
Lunch was leftover chicken, potatoes, and veggies.
We had dinner at Jake’s parents’ house. Everything was so delicious, as always.
Chelsea, my sister in-law, got these adorable new tennis shoes. I tried to steal them and give her my shoes instead. Her feet are a little bigger than mine.
Hahaha! She cracks me up. She can totally pull off this look. ; )
As we were leaving, I told Jake I wanted frozen yogurt. I had been craving froyo for a few weeks and was so excited to finally have some! I like to try a bunch of different kinds. I got brownie batter, cake batter (my favorite), salted caramel, and Reese’s. I topped everything with cookie dough pieces, Twix pieces, brownie pieces, and three gummy worms. It was amazing. I eat all of the toppings first, then start on the frozen yogurt. 
Jake likes the more tart ice cream/frozen yogurt and I like the sweeter. He said he couldn’t wait to take a picture.
I WAS off to ride and go to yoga at 7AM this morning, but then heard a huge crash. Jake had just gotten back from and run and the girls were chasing each other in the house, which they’re not supposed to do They slid into my big mirror in the hallway. It crashed and shattered everywhere. Luckily, no one was hurt, but they did mark up a wall and our wood floor. They both got into trouble. Rhea also chewed up a spot on one of my blankets, so she’s really in trouble today. We heard that Aussies go through a tough phase around 8/10 months, so that must be what’s going on. Oh well! Now I need a new mirror and a throw for our couch…
So now I’m going to have breakfast then get a workout in. It’s my Grandma’s 81st birthday, so I have lunch with her, my Mom, and my sister later to celebrate! 
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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