So true + we met someone special + Jake’s lucky day!

Anyone else feel this way about naps? I sure do. I usually wake up very confused and out of sorts. And a little cranky. I just shouldn’t nap. This meme made me laugh way too hard.
These two, always wanting my breakfast. Bananas and carrots are their favorite foods, so I always share whenever I have either of those. I swear Lu can hear when I’m opening a banana. She sprints into the kitchen every dang time.
Rhea napped with her tush under the bed. Since Jake was off work yesterday (he worked the entire night before), both girls stayed in our bedroom while he caught up on sleep. Lu was sleeping in my spot.
We got to meet someone very special yesterday – Parker! Our friends, Dan and McCall, had this perfect little fella two weeks ago. He was six weeks early, so he’s spending some time in the NICU. He’s hitting all of his milestones and he’s SO handsome. We love him already. We loved getting to meet Parker and spend some time with Dan and McCall. They’ve been through a stressful month, but they’re both doing great. <3 
We all grabbed lunch after hanging out with Parker. We went to Brew Co and I had their new Impossible Burger. It’s a vegan burger and holy cow. It’s amazing. I’m not vegan, but I’m always intrigued by meatless options. I was impressed! Well done, Brew Co! 
Since Jake and I are in the Mug Club, one day a year, we get $1 mugs. It’s called our Mug Day. I had just asked Jake when our days were, but we couldn’t remember. We thought maybe we had missed them. As we were leaving, we saw that it was Jake’s! What are the odds? So, we stayed and Jake enjoyed a beer out of his mug. It was meant to be. He missed his Mug Day last year because he was on call for work, so he was stoked to be able to participate this year.
Jake and his Dad grabbed dinner together, so I had a smoothie. Nothing sounded good, but this smoothie did the trick.
Jake came home while I was finishing up some computer work. He and Lu slept on the couch while I worked and finished a TV show. I just started rewatching Hart of Dixie. It’s a cute show!
I have been so tired lately. I am staying up WAY later than usual, which means I’m sleeping in later,so I need to get back on schedule. I get to start running in one more week, so I want to be able to get up and run early with my girls. Hopefully I can use this weekend to get back to my normal times. Nothing like going to bed at 8:30 on a Saturday! ; )
Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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