Weekend Wrap-up!

I did absolutely nothing this weekend and it was wonderful! I feel ready to tackle the week.

Rhea got lots of toy time in.

I loved these quinoa bowls all week.
Jake was gone this weekend for an enduro race in Arkansas, so I prepped some breakfast burrito stuff for him and our friend Scottie, since they were camping together. I just ordered THESE containers and LOVE them.
Lunch on Friday was leftovers. If you haven’t tried BBQ sauce on your sweet potato, you’re missing out.
This girl is such a cuddle bug.
This is what happens when I eat yellow cheese…I get the WORST break-out. So painful. At least they go away pretty quickly.
When your Mom leaves you…these are Alex’s sweet pups. She was out of town this weekend, so they stayed with us. My pups loved it!
I was lazy and ordered wings for dinner Friday night. They were terrible. It was a bummer. But at least Jake loves me.
A wild Friday night. I loved it.
I shared the above text from Jake on social media. Sam and I are now taking couples for counseling… ; )
Here’s a discount code for Nuun – I LOVE their electrolytes and drink them every day.
Pre-ride breakfast Saturday morning.
Alex’s pup, Skoshee, was in change of what we watched on TV.
Pre-ride coffee.
Pre-ride car coffee.
I got 30 miles in Saturday morning. I wanted 35-40, but my back was hurting, so I called it quits at 30. I loved my new kit. It was so comfy.
All the beverages after my ride.
I co
nsidered going to see Sir Mix-A-Lot Saturday night, but I ended up staying in, drinking some wine, and coloring. I never get to do that and it was wonderful.
Lazy girl dinner – spinach, tuna, and sweet potato tortilla chips.
All my non-dairy friends, this stuff is delicious.
I need actual markers, but this was fun! Anyone out there like adult coloring books? Should I get one?
Sunday morning couch cuddles.
Last day of this breakfast. I need to remember it. This will be great for after long weekend runs.
My favorite part of every morning is coffee.
Puppers party. These four gals slept with me Friday and Saturday night. It was a crowded bed, but I loved the snuggles. 
Rhea forces cuddles on everyone.
I lost my spot.
We need this. Thanks, Rhea.
Lu’s favorite spot.
Champagne really is my spirit animal. I love it.
14 easy miles to shake out the legs on Sunday.
A sriracha tuna packet and a jalapeño tuna packet in a wrap with bacon for lunch. 
After lunch, I started on meal prep. We are having breakfast burritos this week – filled with eggs, black beans, zucchini, and turkey sausage.
For lunches, we are having turkey and zucchini meatballs with spaghetti squash. 
THESE containers are so nice. I love them and they fit perfectly in Jake’s lunchbox for work. 
Here are mine. 
I am a mean wife. Jake hates not knowing what presents he’s getting, so I always wrap his present early and set them out so he has to look at them for a few days. His birthday is on Wednesday and I’m ready! 
This is a happy fridge. Spending part of the day on Sunday prepping for the upcoming week make me feel so good. All of this prep took me about 90 minutes – nothing too crazy! I was also doing laundry while things cooked. Multi-tasking is the way to do it. 
You guys know I like vodka waters. Well, this vodka is AMAZING. If you like flavored vodka, get this ASAP. 
Always laying on my feet. 
I am still loving this dip powder! I shared HERE that I started doing my own nails because the salon gives me anxiety – I hate those electric drills. This dip stuff works great! I also ordered some of the Kiara Sky brand off of Amazon. I think it’s an even better quality. 
Jake got back from his race late last night. He had a blast, but was so worn out. I am going to his next enduro race in September, so I’m excited to watch him again! I didn’t go this time because there wasn’t a good spot that I could sit and watch him. I hated to miss his race, but I loved doing nothing ALL weekend. I am up at 4 (YAY!) and off to crush this day!
Happy Monday, friends! 

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