Jake’s Birthday + 4 days in a row?! + fun!

Today is Jake’s 31st birthday!! I can’t wait to spoil him a little extra. Jake is the best husband and I am lucky God chose him for me. Being married to your best friend sure is fun – Jake has been my best friend since day 1. Here are some of my favorite pictures. I take a million pictures every day, so I had a lot to choose from.

Here’s one from our wedding!

He always falls asleep before I do. 
From our latest Colorado trip to Georgetown.
My doctoral graduation.
This is the run where I sprained my ankle so badly…UGH. Jake had to carry me back to our house. This picture was taken before the sprain…
After crossing the finish line of my first marathon.
One of our many long runs together.
Before our wedding reception.
That time Jake wore shorter shorts that I did…and his Hooter’s top.
I hope you have the best day, babe! I love you!!

​These breakfast burritos are the bomb.

Yesterday afternoon, I headed out for a ride. I wore my new pineapple socks. I loved them.
My body felt tired on this ride and I realized it was my 4th day in a row of riding. HA! Whoops. I’ve just been loving it so much. I got 15 miles in before calling it a day.
Same lunch – spaghetti squash, turkey and zucchini meatballs, sauce, and an energy bite for dessert.
This was delicious. I love anything Epic makes.
My reward for finishing my to-do list was cuddling these pups. Rhea snuck in a smooch right as I took this picture.
This is still one of my favorite dinners. Spinach, sweet potatoes, THIS chicken, and bbq sauce. So. Dang. Good.
Check out Jake’s massive sweet potato. If you can have dairy, goat cheese on top of all of this incredible, too.
Jake’s sweet Grandma got us these pineapple glasses as an anniversary gift. Aren’t they adorable??? I’m obsessed.
Cheers to the birthday boy!
I’m off to workout, then as soon as Jake gets home, we are celebrating!
Happy Wednesday, friends!

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