Busy day + Jake’s birthday fun!

I love giving presents. It’s one of my favorite things. I tried to get Jake all practical gifts. He likes that the best. He got cycling/running socks, whiskey glasses, a mountain bike shirt, a golf towel, and a few others things. 
After Jake left for work, I had a super busy day. I had all kinds of thing I wanted to get finished, so I felt like I was on-the-go all day. I went to the Y and knocked out a workout very first thing. I totally got caught taking this selfie, but this is one of my favorite machines. I’m still working on strengthening my glutes.
One of the girls at the front desk laughed when I walked in and said she loved my shirt. Ha! It says, “Squats? I thought you said shots!” 
I grabbed this bottle of cold brew at Lucky’s. Holy cow, it’s delicious.
This pup was living its best life. It was so happy to be in the car with the window down. 
A quick lunch after I mowed the yard!
Jake is not a cake person, but he loves cobblers, so I made my first-ever cobbler for his birthday. It was SO yummy. Next time, I will double the crust. That’s my favorite part. I used THIS recipe. 
I am really into baggy shirts tucked into shorts right now. Anyone else?
One of Jake’s good friends and former co-worker (a lineman) passed away over the weekend. He was the sweetest man and went through some really terrible, fast-acting cancer. We went to the visitation last night before Jake’s birthday dinner. Hugs and prayers to his family during this time. It just sucks.

After the visitation, we headed to Galloway for dinner with our family.

I had the tuna and veggies, which is one of my favorites.
The whole gang! Dinner was a blast.
My sweet SIL.
I’ve got quite a bit of computer work to knock out today, so I’m going to get started on that now. I’d love to get a bike ride in later, so I’ll see how the day goes and how my body feels. I woke up tired, so I could always use today as a rest day. I get to try and run Saturday…I’m so excited and so nervous. I just want my foot to be healed completely.
Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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