This was delicious + 3 miles + my favorite memory!!!

Do you guys remember that time Jake proposed at the finish line of his hundred mile race? Video HERE, blog post HERE. Well, it was two years ago today and is still my favorite memory! That entire weekend was amazing. Another reason I love blogging – I have all of these memories saved forever. 
Sunday night, Jake and Lu cuddled on the couch.
These two are the most cuddly pups. Rhea has to be touching someone at all times. I don’t hate it.
This is why I love sharing recipes! I love seeing you all enjoy some of my favorite foods. Alex made breakfast burritos and my FAVORITE chicken. It’s seriously amazing. THIS is the pumpkin chicken she’s talking about. Also delicious.
Yesterday I went to the Y and did the elliptical and lifted. I realized hallways through being on the elliptical that that decision probably wasn’t the smartest since I’m trying to get back into running, so I hopped off. I was just so used to using the elliptical that I forgot I needed to give my foot/ankle some down time after running Sunday.
Holy yum. This breakfast quiche is delicious.
Snack time. I could eat an entire container of PB in one sitting with no problem. I just love it.
I need to remember that Sam’s has this massive bag of riced cauliflower! That’s a good deal.
These are some of my favorite crackers. Also from Sam’s. 
Lunch was pineapple orange chicken, leftover potatoes, and broccoli. Oh, and a bite of cobbler.
Lu love.
Meatless Monday coming at ya! Cauliflower rice, mushrooms, spinach, ghee, and coconut aminos. So easy, so good.
Monday night ride! We got 22 miles in. By the time we got back to our house, (Jake was with us), we were all so worn out. I slept like a baby.
Pre-run family stretching in the AM. Man, I’ve missed that.
Nothing like friends who decide last minute to join you for an easy run. They even did a run/walk with me for the first two miles. They’re the best!
The face of someone who got to run THREE miles
without any pain. So. Dang. Happy.
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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