A busy day + my life revolves around food + dinner for one!

Yesterday was one of those days! I felt like I didn’t have a break until I sat down for dinner. I love being productive, but I was very ready for some relaxation and time off my feet. My foot wasn’t hurting, but it was sore, so that was a reminder to continue taking things easy.

After my run yesterday, I was STARVING. This quiche hit the spot.

I worked on some of my different therapies for my foot/ankle, but Rhea decided she needed a spot to sleep, so she took over both of my feet.
I was hungry again after breakfast, so I had some banana blueberry bread. With butter. Mmmm.
After I worked around the house a little bit and got caught up on computer things, I took out recycling. Jake got these bins for us and they’re wonderful. They’re not big enough to go a long time without taking things, which I like. We can make it about one to two weeks before I have to take everything to the recycling center. This keeps us from letting things pile up in our garage. 
I had a dentist appointment (with my Dad) to work on a tooth, so I spent the rest of the day pretty numb. I kept joking that I had gotten lip implants. I ate lunch after my appointment. I took super small bites since I was still numb.
After lunch, I worked in our yard. I picked up poop (my least favorite job), mowed, and cleaned the sidewalks off. It was so dang hot yesterday. It wore me out! We have a pretty big yard, but have a push mower, so it just takes awhile. I can’t complain…Jake works in the heat all day every day.

By the time I had gotten cleaned up, it was after 4. I was beat. I sat on the couch and played around with the idea of just going to bed. Jake worked late, so I was on my own. A 5PM bedtime was very tempting…

​I had planned to make burgers for dinner, but that didn’t sound very good. Jake worked until about 6AM this morning, so since he wasn’t coming home for dinner, I decided to make a big salad for myself. This meal literally took 10 minutes! That’s it. I seared a tuna steak in ghee, coconut aminos, turmeric, onion powder, and black pepper – maybe about 5 minutes each side on medium-high. I put the tuna on top of spinach, banana peppers, and onion. My favorite salad dressing is olive oil, balsamic, and Sriracha, so that’s all I used. I topped everything with balsamic glaze, Sriracha, and hemp hearts. It was delicious.
Aren’t these whiskey glasses cool? I got them for Jake for his birthday. I found them HERE. I loved the graphic and the shape of the glass – they’re square, but the edges are rounded. 
She sleeps in the strangest positions. My foam roller has been by my side for the past 6 weeks. 
I slept in a little this morning and it was wonderful. Jake got home from work about 6AM, which is about the time I crawled out of bed. I hope he’s able to get some good sleep today. 
I have had a few people ask me about meal planning. Here’s our menu for next week – I honestly just choose things that sound good OR are things we have at home. (I don’t normally plan this early in the week – I usually do it Friday, but I had some free-time last night). I don’t do anything crazy in-depth. I’ve been meal planning for almost 10 years now, so it goes pretty quickly. Breakfasts will be egg, sausage, spinach, and black bean quesadillas – I’ll mix everything together on the stove top, then load up the tortillas and bake them. Lunches will be a cold pasta with chicken and spinach. I’ll add seasoning and all that jazz as I’m preparing it. We have elk and tuna steaks in the freezer, so we will have those Monday and Tuesday for dinner, then I’ll cook up some chicken for Wednesday and Thursday. I always have stuff to make a salad and we always have frozen veggies in the freezer –  that way, I don’t have to plan out every side. I just grab what we want and go from there! We are planning to be at the lake for part of the weekend, we just aren’t sure when yet, so I’m tentatively planning for that. I like to put snacks on here, too, just so I know we are covered. I’ll probably try to make some energy bites if I have time. They’re so nice to just grab and go. This might seem overwhelming, but it seriously helps so much. Knowing that our meals are taken care of, makes our week go by MUCH smoother. Plus, I just love meal planning/prepping. It’s relaxing for me. 
Happy Wed-nes-day, friends! 

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