Pet peeve + my new Sam’s find + non-stop!

I use a lacrosse ball to roll out the bottom of my feet and my legs. Rhea always thinks I’m trying to play with her, so she tries to steal it. She was carrying it around yesterday. 
I love breakfast.
We had someone come and replace the windshield on our truck yesterday. Rhea watched him the entire time.
I snacked on some blueberry banana bread before I went on a ride.
Before my ride, I went to Sam’s to return something. One of my pet peeves is when people use the wrong doors to enter/exit a place. If it’s marked, use the correct door! As I was leaving, using the exit door, a lady was trying to enter the same way. She made it very obvious that she wasn’t happy with me not letting her in before I was out by sighing very loudly. I pointed to the sign and reminded her it was the exit. The sigh ticked me off. I shared this whole experience in my Instagram stories and had the best time reading everyones’ responses. They cracked me up! So here’s my PSA for the day – use the correct door!

My ride felt really flat. I wanted to call it quits after one lap (5 miles), but made myself do a second one. It was just humid and hot, and my legs were toast.

After the 10 miles, I was ready for lunch. And dry clothes.
I have loved having this lunch all week. If you like broccoli, bake it in the oven with a little coconut aminos. So delicious.
Rhea cuddles.
This poor baby threw up 4 times yesterday. She was acting fine, just had an upset stomach. She seems to be a lot better now!
How cool is this tank?! Thank you, Springfield FitLife! I love it. You can get yours HERE. I have a feeling they’ll go quickly, so snag one while you can!
Just a little more lacrosse ball action before dinner. I am rehabbing this foot SO much. I want to be able to run forever, so I need a healthy foot.
Sometimes you need a Cesar’s date halfway through the week. If you haven’t been to Cesar’s Old Mexico, go. I promise you won’t regret it. Get the sangria. And a pupusa. 
Jake and I shared the Oceanside Fajitas and a pupusa – both were incredible.  I like Sweet & Low in my salsa. I can’t stop.
How cute is this sign?? I got it at Sam’s and I love it.
It was
storming this morning, so we took it to the indoor track. I got to run 3 miles non-stop with no pain. It made my heart so happy. I sure hope I am on the uphill side of this injury. 
It’s supposed to be pretty rainy and stormy here today, which I love. I need to clean, do some laundry, and knock out some computer work, so it’s the perfect day to be gloomy. I have my comfiest sweats on and am about to chow down on breakfast. 
Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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