Surprise finds are the best + new socks + family dinner!

We have been wanting curtains for our living room ever since we moved in, but just hadn’t gotten around to getting any. I’m so glad we didn’t! I totally forgot we had these in our kitchen at our old house. They were still packed away and I just found them. I love them! Just saved myself some mulah.
Forever wanting my breakfast.
Anyone else crave coffee whenever they see it? I always do. The girls and I enjoyed a relaxing morning while it stormed.
I spent the morning on my computer, then took a break for some banana bread. It was delicious.
Before I knew it, it was lunch time. I finished up everything I had prepped on Sunday, so who knows what I’ll have today…probably leftovers. 
When I first saw the doctor for my foot pain, they said my toes looked like they were getting cramped in my shoes. I knew that wasn’t the case since I run in Altras (wide toe box), but then I remembered that all of my socks are SUPER tight. He said that could be part of it, so I got rid of all my socks and got some new ones to try. I got some from SwiftWick and they feel so good! I can’t wait to get a run in with these. I also got a pair for cycling. I have THESE, THESE, and THESE (cycling). I like no-show socks best, so that’s what I typically run in. Even on trail, unless it’s wet or snowy.
My Dad is Lu’s favorite person, so she got some good rest in so she could party with him when he and my Mom came over for dinner.
We used to have people over for dinner more often, so we are trying to get back into doing that. Last night we had Orange Balsamic meatballs, potatoes, and a salad. 
Lu was hogging all of the attention. If my Dad wasn’t touching her, she would cry and carry on until he did. She’s mildly spoiled. 
My Mom brought over some things she’s getting rid of, so of course, when one of them looked like it would fit Lu, I had to dress her up. She hated it. But doesn’t she look so cute?? HA!
Today is a rest day for me, so I might do some active recovery stuff with my TRX straps. So far, my foot is holding up! I’m going to run 4 easy miles Saturday morning and I’m already excited about it. My dilemma right now is trying to figure out if I can be ready for a 50k in November. As much as I don’t want to drop down, I don’t want to push it and come back too soon and re-injure myself. I will literally do ANYTHING to stay injury-free. I’m going to see how the next few weeks go and then decide. I know that race will be there next year, so if I need to drop down to a shorter distance, I will. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

Happy Friday, friends! 


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  1. Loribeth

    Swiftwick socks are THE. BEST. It’s basically the only sock I run in. I don’t put mine in the dryer, which makes them last even longer. And I have one in like every color! Hope you love them, too! (And they are made in Nashville, so anytime I can support USA made stuff, I’m there!)

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