Weekend Wrap-up!

I woke up Friday morning NEEDING pancakes. So, that’s what I made – I topped them with peanut butter, a banana, raspberries, and syrup. 
I spent the morning working on my computer, then took a break for lunch. I had a bunch of leftovers – meatballs, potatoes, and cauli rice. 
It makes me laugh when she lays like this because it looks like she has no front legs. 
We snuck in a walk in-between some rain showers. 
I ate a lot of chocolate…
This made me laugh really hard.
Pup floor cuddles, which resulted in being covered in Rhea’s hair. She’s shedding like crazy right now. 
Jake got home and we headed out for an early dinner date. Dinner at 5:30? Yes, please. Aaand sometimes you need to wear animal print shoes. 
We went to The Rock and ordered three appetizers and shared them. 
After dinner, we walked around one of the new apartments that just went up. How awesome is this pool?
I loved the apartment numbers, too. 
11 years ago I was going through rush with my sorority – Pi Beta Phi. 11 years?! No way. 
Saturday morning started with a run. I was excited to meet up with my girls for some miles.
Alex had 22 and Jordan and Kayla had 10 – they made a route that had a short loop for me so I could join them for my 4. They’re the best. And they all crushed their runs! 
Sweat wiping and mild dysfunction. 
I grabbed breakfast from Panera after my run, then picked up groceries. 
This is me. 100%. 
Some of my favorite condiments. 
Pillow thief. 
Random lunch of leftovers. 
I drink my coffee black, but every day, I add collagen and honey to my last cup. It’s a good way to get some collagen in each day. 
We headed to a wedding Saturday evening. 
I may or may not have eaten this ooey gooey butter cake before dinner was served…
Sunday morning, Jake went on a gravel ride and I made breakfast, then got started on meal prep. I made banana pancakes (one mashed banana and two eggs), with some sausage on the side. 
Lunches this week are veggie pasta, spinach, and chicken, with Primal Kitchen Caesar dressing. 
Breakfast quesadillas – I cooked 15 eggs, two cans of black beans, and two cups of spinach, then loaded that onto a corn tortilla, on top of a little mozzarella cheese to make it all stick, then put a little more cheese on top of the mixture, then topped that with another tortilla. I baked all of this at 375 for about 15-20 minutes. That’s it! So easy. (I had another baking sheet of this in the oven. I will have one and Jake will have two). White cheese doesn’t seem to bother my stomach, so I am doing an experiment this week to see how I feel eating a little bit every day. 
Random leftovers for lunch. 
We went to Garbo’s for dinner Sunday night. I started seeing how small amounts of white cheese made me feel. So far, so good. 
Monday morning started off with an easy 3 miles by myself. It felt so amazing to be running pain-free. 
I made a difficult, but good decision over the weekend – I am dropping from the 50k in November down to the 25k. I sat down to make a training plan and decided it wasn’t smart to try and get ready for a 50k in 10 weeks. I’m not upset about this decision at all – probably because
I know it’s the correct one! I want to be a healthy runner for a LONG time. So, I’m going to do the 25k at Dogwood instead of the 50k. 
These breakfast quesadillas are the bomb. 
This picture from my junior year of high school basketball cracks me up. 
Happy Monday, friends! 

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