Early birthday fun + the worst movie + first workout-ish back!

Rhea got in trouble for begging while I was eating breakfast. She snuck under my legs and was staring at me like this. She’s lucky she’s cute…
This lunch is delicious – veggie pasta, spinach, chicken, and Primal Kitchen Caesar dressing.
Here it is all mixed together. I think I ate all of this in about 2 minutes.
My Mom was getting new tires put on her car, so I picked her up and we ran some errands while we waited. She surprised me with an early birthday present! I am SO excited My birthday is in September and I have been wanting some of these headphones FOREVER. I have PowerBeats right now, but they hurt my ears after awhile. Apple earbuds hurt my ears, too, which is why I wanted something different. I cannot wait to try THESE out. I’ll let you know what I think! These sit on the outside of your ears, which allow you to still hear things around you – they use bone conduction to transmit the sound. I’m excited for my run later with these! 
For dinner last night, we had elk roast with potatoes, sweet potatoes, onion, and carrots. 
I have never been a huge roast fan, but it’s growing on me! I really like it with ketchup and BBQ sauce. ; )
This chocolate is amazing.
I asked for ONE bite of his ice cream. He makes this face and says, “I’ve heard that before…” HA! I have a terrible sweet tooth.
Some of our friends suggested we watch the movie The Beach Bum. This was how we looked the entire movie. Not our favorite. We just kept waiting for it to get better. It didn’t. I love Matthew McConaughey, but this is definitely his worst movie.
I had kind of a bummer night/morning. I had plans to get up and meet my girls for a run this morning. Yesterday, I spent some time really working on some tight areas/trigger points, and doing therapy for my ankle/foot. Well, I think some of those moves made my IT Band angry. Last night, while we were watching our movie, I started having some sharp pain in my IT Band. It continued to get worse throughout the night. It woke me up about midnight and I couldn’t go back to sleep until around 3. I texted the girls at 3 and said I was bailing on our run. I slept in until about 7. When I got up, the pain was basically gone! I’ve had this happen before and it’s so weird. I’m going to give it a few more hours to rest before I run, but if it’s like it’s been in the past, I’ll be back to normal by this afternoon. I wanted to get a short tempo run in (getting progressively faster with each mile), so I’ll see how things are feeling in a little bit. 
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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